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NetEqualizer 3000 Series
NetEqualizer 3000 Series

We give your important traffic priority.

NetEqualizer appliances use behavior-based traffic shaping algorithms to optimize your Internet, WAN, and Cloud connections.  The NetEqualizer automatically gives priority to important business applications, such as web-based apps (SaaS, Cloud), VoIP, and web browsing. Additionally, our appliances scale as your network grows, and are license-upgradeable in the field.

We solve network congestion issues.

Competing demands for network resources and congestion are problems shared by network administrators and operators across the globe. Low-priority applications such as a large file downloads and video can clog your network, congesting and slowing down business-class applications, such as VoIP, email, web browsing, SaaS and cloud-based web applications.  The NetEqualizer solves these congestion issues by allocating bandwidth based on the nature and behavior of the traffic, automatically optimizing business-critical applications.

You get visibility into your network traffic.

Embedded in the NetEqualizer interface is our very own Dynamic Real-Time Reporting (RTR).  RTR is differentiated from other monitoring and shaping tools in that we have the actual data for every user accurately updated by the second.  This real-time data is available in many of our tabular reports, so that you can see the traffic on your network at this very second. With RTR, you will be able to slice and dice network usage and network process data in more meaningful ways, to help you better manage your network.

We believe that bandwidth shaping should be cost-effective, and so we offer some of the most affordable solutions on the market.

Our bandwidth shaping products have been deployed across the world in businesses of all sizes, including corporations, government agencies, colleges, schools, libraries, hotels, and internet providers.  NetEqualizer is available in a range of configurations from 20Mbps up to 10Gbps.

Interested?  Learn more about the NetEqualizer.

For more information on our features and detailed specifications, please review our Data Sheets.  You can also view our Product Demo to walkthrough an online demonstration of the NetEqualizer.

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