NetEqualizer Software & Support (NSS)

Upon purchase of a new NetEqualizer from APconnections, Inc. initial installation support via phone or email is covered in the purchase price (if you purchase from a Reseller, please refer to their policy for support).  We also ship the unit with the latest software installed.

For Support after initial installation is completed, you must purchase NetEqualizer Software & Support (NSS).

  • NSS covers access to all software upgrades applicable to your unit.  We typically release 2 or 3 software upgrades per year.
  • NetEqualizer Software & Support (NSS) is a one-year subscription that is purchased per unit.
  • NSS must be purchased for all units that you wish to have supported, and can be purchased at any time (without having to pay “back fees” for previous years).  However, if NSS has elapsed for 6 months or more, a reactivation fee may apply.
  • It is renewable on a yearly basis, or can be purchased at a discount in 3 or 4 year packages.
  • For the coverage period, NSS includes access to Support, via phone and email for NetEqualizer-related questions and issues.  General network consulting is not included.
  • Support is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Mountain Time. If you need support off-hours, email us and we will try to accommodate your request.
  • In cases where support requested goes above & beyond NetEqualizer questions & issues, we may determine that additional fees apply.  If that is the case, we will give you the option to purchase additional support for $150/hour, billable in hourly increments.
  • For any assistance with installing new versions of software after your initial installation period, no matter how simple your question, you must be current with your NSS support contract.  We staff our support through our NSS fees, and therefore cannot provide support without a valid NSS contract.
  • NSS must be current when purchasing bandwidth license upgrades, or NetEqualizer add-on modules, including the NetEqualizer Caching Option (NCO) or DDoS Firewall Option (DFW).
  • Based on what NetEqualizer hardware you currently own, there may be hardware changes needed to support upgrading to the current software version.  Upon inquiry to admin@apconnections.net or 303.997.1300 option “5”, you will be made aware of any hardware changes needed (CF card upgrade, CFtoIDE adapter, etc.), as well as the cost to get your NSS current.  A quote will be provided upon request.
  • If you would like to see what updates have been made to the software since you purchased your NetEqualizer units, you can view that on the Software Updates page:  https://netequalizernews.com/about-the-netequalizer/netequalizer-software-updates/
  • NSS covers all NetEqualizer base software features.  We explicitly exclude Add-on Modules and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) from our NSS packages, unless otherwise stated.  Support for these can be negotiated separately by contacting admin@apconnections.net or 303.997.1300 option “5” .
    • Add-on Modules excluded from NSS:
      • The NetEqualizer User-Quota API (NUQ-API)
      • The CALEA Module
      • Configuring NetEqualizer Firewall & MAC Redirection
      • NetEqualizer Directory Integration (NDI)
    • Add-on Modules included in NSS:
      • NetEqualizer Caching Option (NCO).   In Software Update 5.0, we introduce the NetEqualizer Caching Option (NCO) Add-on Module, which is available  on the NE3000 and NE4000 series.  While initial caching set-up and activation is purchased separately (see NCO on the price list), NCO software upgrades ARE covered under NSS.
      • NetEqualizer DDoS Firewall (DFW).   In Software Update 8.2, we introduce the NetEqualizer DDoS Firewall (DFW) Add-on Module.  While initial DDoS Firewall set-up and configuration is purchased separately (see DFW on the price list), DFW software upgrades ARE covered under NSS.
    • Contact us at admin@apconnections.net or 303.997.1300 option “5”, to purchase NSS or to see if you are current on NSS for your existing units.

NetEqualizer Hardware Warranty (NHW)

Upon purchase of a new NetEqualizer from APconnections,Inc., the hardware is warranted for 90 days from purchase, included in the purchase price.

For hardware warranty after the initial 90 days, you must purchase a NetEqualizer Hardware Warranty (NHW).

  • NetEqualizer Hardware Warranty (NHW) extends the initial 90 day manufacturer hardware warranty to one year in the first year of purchase.  After the first year, NHW is available in full year increments for up to three (3) additional years.
  • NHW is purchased per unit.  NHW must be purchased for all units that you wish to have supported, and must be purchased upfront when you purchase the equipment.
  • For those that purchase NHW upfront, it is renewable up to 4 years in total. Pricing on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year warranties is listed on our price list.
  • Once a hardware failure is diagnosed, APconnections reserves the right to ship replacement parts, where appropriate.
  • APConnections will cross-ship a replacement unit, in cases of total equipment failure.  The customer is responsible for shipping costs to return the previous unit to APconnections.
  • NHW applies to all hardware components within the NetEqualizer, including but not limited to the following: CF cards, CF-to-IDE adapters (if applicable), RAM sticks, NIC Cards, and Fiber Cards (if applicable).
  • NHW warranty is void if equipment displays evidence of physical abuse or water damage.
  • Contact us at admin@apconnections.net or 303.997.1300 option “5”, to see if you are current on NHW for your existing units.

A good practice to protect your hardware investment, like all of your data center equipment, is to install your NetEqualizer on an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), in order to protect it from power surges and electrical shock.

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