Equipment Resale Policy

Lifetime Buyer Protection

APconnections offers a lifetime buyer protection plan to original owners.

Software Licensing

APconnections will allow an original owner to purchase a NetEqualizer Software & Support contract (NSS) at any time without penalty. Click here for details on NSS.  Click here for NSS pricing.  For example, if you are two releases behind the current release, you can purchase the current release without any back charges and continue receiving support.  All NSS upgrades come standard with an additional hour of support.

Purchasing Resold NetEqualizer Equipment As Part of a Business Transfer of Ownership

Equipment re-sold intact with a business that changes ownership (Business Transfer of Ownership) will have all licenses and support agreements transfer to the new owner.  An initial support charge of $300 per NetEqualizer may be applied upfront to the new owner.  All existing NSS licenses must be brought up-to-date at the going market rate before any support will commence.

Equipment more than 4 years old may, in some cases, no longer be upgradeable.  To check if a specific unit is eligible for upgrade, please send the serial number to

NetEqualizer Equipment Resold By Non-Authorized Resellers

APconnections reserves the right not to support aftermarket (grey market) equipment  (see exception above for equipment acquired as part of a business sale).  To make sure your equipment will be supported, you must purchase from an authorized  NetEqualizer reseller.  To verify a seller’s credentials, please e-mail

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