NetEqualizer playing key role in developing Iraqi and Afghan Internet industries

Although best known for solving corporate and institutional bandwidth issues in the United States, APconnections’ NetEqualizer technology is now playing a major part in the developing Internet industries in Iraq an Afghanistan.

The NetEqualizer is the bandwidth optimization technology of choice for Blackwater USA in Iraq and Afghanistan’s Afghan Wireless and Afghan Telecom.

“Internet access has seen tremendous growth in both Afghanistan and Iraq over the past few years,” said Art Reisman, CEO of APconnections. “We’re pleased that the NetEqualizer has been able to help facilitate that growth.”

In 2002, Afghan Wireless became the first provider of public Internet and telecommunication services in Afghanistan. They currently serve more than 95 cities and towns and are one of only a few Afghan companies to operate in more than 20 separate regions.

Afghan Telecom is the official government-run telecommunications provider in Afghanistan, having been incorporated by the Ministry of Communications and Internet Technology in 2005. With their Afghan Telecom Air Cards, users now enjoy wireless Internet access throughout the city of Kabul.

In addition to serving as one of the largest private security contractors in Iraq, Blackwater USA also provides Internet service to both its employees and Iraqi citizens. The company just went live this summer with their NetEqualizer to maximize its bandwidth and prevent network congestion.  

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