Is running an ISP/Wisp a recession proof business ?

February 24th, 2009

Lafayette Colorado

APconnections makers of the of the popular NetEqualizer line of bandwidth control and traffic shaping hardware appliances today announced results of their annual ISP  state of the business survey, below is the summary.

We have been asking our ISP/WISP customers  how their business is faring in the recession over the past several months and the answer is a resoundingly upbeat !

Out of the 25 ISPs ( Tier 2 providers) only two had seen  a decline in subscribers, 18 were holding their own, and 5 were seeing strong growth.  Here are some other tidbits.

1) Many Households will cancel their cable TV before giving up their broad band

2) Cancellations  for one provider mainly occured with foreclosures, again this supports the notion of people holding their broadband right up to the end of their finances.

3) Laid off workers are signing up for broad band as they see this as a needed for job searches and also in looking for ways to start small home businesses

4) We have seen an increase in inquiries for our services across the US and Canada

5) We have not heard of anybody foregoing food as of yet , but I would not put it past some of the gamers.

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