When is it time to add more bandwidth to your network?

We recently received an e-mail regarding this question from a customer, here is the basic dialogue with our answer below.

It occurred to me today…..pre netequalizer, I’d know that it was time to upgrade our network bandwidth by watching the network traffic graphs.  If there were periods of the day that the connection was maxed out it was a good sign that more bandwidth was needed.

Now that our traffic is running through netequalizer, with the threshold limit and then slowing of user connections beyond that point, we’ll not see the graph max out any more will we?  And if we did ever see that, we’d be way past the point of needing more bandwidth, because it would mean that our link was so saturated that netequalizer couldn’t slow down enough traffic fast enough to avoid that situation.

Answer: We actually do have systems that run very close to pegged(Max) for
hours at a time without complaint. Generally we would suggest waiting
until user perception for the speed of normal sized web pages and short
e-mails is perceived as slow. NetEqualizer does a very good job of allowing your network to run close to capacity without experiences adverse side effects so in essence it would be premature to add more bandwidth based on hitting peak usage.

Note: If you ask your sales rep for your local bandwidth provider if you should purchase more bandwidth, they will almost always recommend adding more solve almost ato ny issue on your network. Your provider whether it be Quest, Comcast, Time Warner or a host of other local providers,  most likely has a business model where they grow profit by selling bandwidth; hence their sales staff really is not incented to offer alternatives. Occasionally when it is physically impossible to bring more bandwidth to your business they will relent and offer a referal for a bandwidth opimization company.

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