NetEqualizer News: August 2010


NetEqualizer News

NetEqualizer Lite Sale; Ireland Tech Seminar Details

Greetings!Enjoy another issue of the NetEqualizerNewsletter. This month, we kick off our two-week NetEqualizer Lite overstock sale and announce details for our upcoming Ireland seminar. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer or AirEqualizer news.In This Issue:

  • NetEqualizer Lite Overstock Sale
  • NetEqualizer To Be Featured At CCSA Conference
  • APconnections Is Coming To Ireland
  • We Want Your Feedback
  • Best Of The Blog

NetEqualizer Lite Overstock Sale

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be offering a 50-percent discount on the NetEqualizer Lite when you purchase one unit at full price.*Offering many of the same services available through other NetEqualizer models, the NetEqualizer Lite is a perfect entry level unit for administrators that don’t yet need the advanced capabilities of higher-level NetEqualizer models, such as NTOP reporting.Furthermore, the NetEqualizer Lite is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), handling up to 10 megabits of traffic and 100 users. It offers a great solution for those remote links where you don’t need a full-power NetEqualizer. This is especially true if you have a hidden node issue where some customer signals are getting crowded out.For more information on the NetEqualizer Lite, visit the links below or contact us at 800-918-2763 or

*Limit four units total per customer (two at full price and two at 50 percent off). Offer applies only to NetEqualizer Lite units and ends August 15, 2010.

NetEqualizer To Be Featured At CCSA Conference

CCSA On September 27, APconnections and the NetEqualizer will be featured at the 2010 Canadian Cable Systems Alliance (CCSA) Conference“Click” Trade Show in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.The trade show will be part of the 17th annual CCSA Conference and Annual Meeting being held from September 26-28 at the White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa.If you’re planning to attend the conference, or will just be in the area, stop by to say hello and pick up some of our giveaways.

APconnections Is Coming To Ireland

NetEqualizer SeminarsWill you be in Ireland or the UK this October? If so, be sure not to miss the NetEqualizer Technical Seminar and Hands-On Workshop at Dublin’s Burlington Hotelon October 4-5.As part of our growing presence in the UK and Ireland, the two-day seminar will be of value to both existing and potential NetEqualizer users.Under the guidance of APconnections CTO Art Reisman, the seminar will cover:

  • The various tradeoffs regarding how to stem P2P and bandwidth abuse
  • How to use reporting to spot abuse and troubleshoot your network
  • Lots of customer Q&A and information sharing on how clients are using the NetEqualizer, including some hands-on probing of a live system

The seminar will be offered in partnership with authorized NetEqualizer distributer Ai Bridges.

In Ireland, to register for the seminar or for more information, contact Kevin Hayes at Ai Bridges via email at or by phone at +353 65 6848768. In the UK, contact APconnections at or at +44-2070992104 (Toll free – 0-808-101-3487).

We Want Your Feedback

Would you like to have a smart Web page policy security feature integrated within your NetEqualizer? If so, please let us know. We will be doing some beta integration testing soon with eSoft’s Web ThreatPak.Also, please let us know if you are already using their product and what your thoughts are.While there will be licensing charges for the eSoft technology, early integrators will get significant price breaks.To provide your feedback, contact us at 303-997-1300, extension 103, or at

Best Of The Blog

The chances of being killed by a shark are 1 in 264 million. Despite those low odds, most people worry about sharks when they enter the ocean, and yet the same people do not think twice about getting into a car without a passenger-side airbag.

And so it is with networking redundancy solutions. Many equipment purchase decisions are enhanced by an irrational fear (created by vendors) and not on actual business-risk mitigation.

The solution to this problem is simple. It’s a matter of being informed and making decisions based on facts rather than fear or emotion. While every situation is different, here a few basic tips and questions to consider when it comes to planning Internet redundancy.

1) Where is your largest risk of losing Internet connectivity?
Vendors tend to push customers toward internal hardware solutions to reduce risk. It has been our experience that your Internet router’s chance of catastrophic failure is about 1 percent over a three-year period. On the other hand, your internet provider has an almost 100-percent chance of having a full-day outage during that same three-year period.

2) Do not turn on unneeded bells and whistles on your router and firewall equipment.

To keep reading, click here.

Contact Information phone: 303-997-1300 web:

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