We Want Your Feedback!

In this month’s newsletter, we gave an overview of a few potential new NetEqualizer features. While we have several options under consideration, we want to know what features might serve you best. So, take a look at the options below, visit our survey, and let us know what you think!

  1. The option to send an SNMP trap to your SNMP monitor during a network event.
  2. The option to receive email notification during certain specified network events.This could include when:
    1. Bandwidth utilization is high – This would happen when your bandwidth utilization is extremely high and might indicate the need for an upgrade in bandwidth
    2. Errors occur on an interface card – This would be used to detect if there was a problem with one of your Ethernet or fiber connections
    3. A new P2P user is detected on your network – This would make even better and more efficient use of our new P2P Locator Technology
    4. YouTube has been viewed from cache – An email would be dispatched every time a YouTube video is served up from our NetEqualizer Caching Option
  3. A form of active directory integration to specify a rate limit on a user by name rather than IP address. For example, you could say John Smith is limited to one-megabit downloads. As of now, you would need to know John Smith’s IP address. With an integration of active directory, you can specify him by name.
  4. A standard pre-written quota utility (source code) with each system. Right now, the NetEqualizer just comes with an API (see the NetEqualizer User Quota API). However, this new utility would be something you could plug IPs into from the GUI and have a monthly quota enforced right away. Initially, it would be a very simple tool, but it could be expanded. In other words, this would be a good working program using our API to get you a head start on expanding and writing a full-bodied quota tool.

Click here or on the survey to respond.

New Features Survey

Click here or on the survey to respond.

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