NetEqualizer News: November 2011

NetEqualizer News

November 2011


Enjoy another issue of NetEqualizer News! This month, we talk more about our exciting Fall Release features (Email Notification, IPv6 Visibility, and DiffServ Priority), as well as announce our newly-designed Product Demonstration Guide! As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer News.

In This Issue:
:: Fall Release Features
:: New Product Demonstration Guide
:: Best Of The Blog

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Fall Release Features

Our Fall Release is now in beta! We will have a limited number of slots available for beta testing these features. Please contact us if you are interested.

email sales -or-

worldwide (303) 997-1300 x. 103 -or-

toll-free U.S.(800-918-2763)

General availability will be in December 2011.

As always, the Fall Release will be available at no charge to customers with valid

NetEqualizer Software Subscriptions (NSS).

Here is a preview of our exciting new features:

Email Notification

The Fall Release will provide users with the ability to set an email account that the NetEqualizer can send alerts to. For example, users can set their account to be notified when IPv6 traffic exceeds 1%. There will also be many other types of notifications to configure, but we don’t want to give too much away – you’ll have to try it out yourself!

IPv6 Visibility

As we await the need to handle significant amounts of IPv6 traffic, NetEqualizer is already implementing solutions to meet the shift head-on. The Fall Release will include features that will provide enhanced visibility to IPv6 traffic.

The best way to begin this transition in our software is to provide users with a way to see how IPv6 traffic is passing through their network. The most effective way to convey these details is to provide a connection table in the GUI that shows all of the IPv6 flows and their bandwidth consumption. We will also be providing a way to monitor your total IPv6 traffic from an historical perspective. These two features will provide useful data in order to better position your organization for the eventual shift to IPv6.

Here is a screen shot of sample IPv6 traffic in the NetEqualizer GUI:

It should be noted that for now, even for customers with dual stacks, we do not expect the IPv6 traffic to eclipse more than a fraction of a percent of network traffic.

Read more IPv6-related articles from our blog.

DiffServ Priority

We are now seeing an influx of customers looking to provide priority bandwidth to VoIP and video connections on their links without all the hassle of complex router rules.

NetEqualizer’s new DiffServ Priority feature is the solution. Included in the Fall Release, the DiffServ Priority feature will automatically prioritize connections that are utilizing services like VoIP and video – as well as a host of other types of important connections. This will provide improved quality of service on your network.

For more information on DiffServ and priority handling in general, check out this article from our blog:

For more information on the Fall Release, take a look at our Software Update Notes for version 5.5.

You can also visit our blog or contact us at:

email sales -or-

worldwide (303) 997-1300 x. 103 -or-

toll-free U.S.(800-918-2763)

New Product Demo Guide

NetEqualizer is excited to announce a new and improved product demonstration experience.

Our revamped Product Demonstration Guide and demonstration website allows users to take a self-guided tour of the NetEqualizer – walking through key features and screens.

Once you’ve been introduced to the NetEqualizer and its features, the demonstration allows you interact with a real NetEqualizer so that you can try out the features for yourself. Ample documentation with screen shots and examples is also provided to assist you on your tour.

Register for a Product Demonstration today! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

email sales -or-

worldwide (303) 997-1300 x. 103 -or-

toll-free U.S.(800-918-2763)

Best Of The Blog

How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection with a Bandwidth Controller

by Art Reisman – CTO – NetEqualizer

It occurred to me today, that in all the years I have been posting about common ways to speed up your Internet, I have never really written a plain and simple consumer explanation dedicated to how a bandwidth controller can speed up your Internet. After all, it seems intuitive, that a bandwidth controller is something an ISP would use to slow down your Internet; but there can be a beneficial side to a bandwidth controller, even at the home-consumer level.

Quite a bit of slow Internet service problems are due to contention on your link to the Internet. Even if you are the only user on the Internet, a simple update to your virus software running in the background can dominate your Internet link. A large download often will cause everything else you try (email, browsing) to come to a crawl.

What causes slowness on a shared link?

Everything you do on your Internet creates a connection from inside your network to the Internet, and all these connections compete for the limited amount of bandwidth which your ISP provides.

Your router (cable modem) connection to the Internet provides first-come, first-serve service to all the applications trying to access the Internet. To make matters worse, the heavier users (the ones with the larger persistent downloads), tend to get more than their fair share of router cycles. Large downloads are like the school yard bully – they tend to butt in line, and not play fair.

So how can a bandwidth controller make my Internet faster?

A smart bandwidth controller will analyze all your Internet connections on the fly. It will then selectively take away some bandwidth from the bullies. Once the bullies are removed, other applications will get much needed cycles out to the Internet, thus speeding them up.

To keep reading, click here.

Photo Of The Month

Gobble Gobble!

Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at NetEqualizer! Check out this wild turkey one of our wildlife cameras caught on film!

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