NetEqualizer News: July 2013

July 2013


Enjoy another issue of NetEqualizer News! This month, we discuss our new NetEqualizer Leasing Program and talk about improvements to both our GUI and our Dynamic Real-Time Reporting tool. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer News.

A message from Art…
Art Reisman, CTO – APconnections

I have been focused on technical projects lately, such as our 64-bit release, art_smallour new Dynamic Real-Time Reporting, and also some improvements in our NetEqualizer Caching Option (NCO). While taking a break from thinking about technology, I became involved in a leasing deal for a customer acquiring a NetEqualizer, and thought – we can do that better!

So… this month we are introducing the NetEqualizer Leasing Program, offered directly from APconnections on a trial basis. If you find this of value, we will keep this program around. Leasing gives you another way to manage your cash flow and capital expenditures, so that you can solve your network congestion issues with a NetEqualizer today.

We love it when we hear back from you – so if you have a story you would like to share with us of how we have helped you, let us know. Email me directly at I would love to hear from you!

Lease a NetEqualizer!

We are happy to announce a brand new way to get all the benefits a NetEqualizer can provide without having to front the initial cost: the NetEqualizer Leasing Program!

How it workslease

NetEqualizer offers three leasing programs which vary based on the number of users in your network. Each program has an associated monthly fee that includes licensing, software updates, and support. Here are the prices of the three programs:

Small (less than 300 users): $300/mo.
Medium (300 to 1000 users): $450/mo.
Large (more than 1000 users): $750/mo.

Lessees can cancel at anytime provided the unit is in good condition once it is sent back.

This is a great way to get a NetEqualizer into your network for a low monthly fee and very little money upfront.

For complete details, take a look at our Leasing Program Agreement here. There is also information located on our How to Buy page.

If you have any questions about our NetEqualizer Leasing Program, contact us today at:

Reminder: 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!APconnections 10 Year Celebration

As part of our 10 Year Celebration, we will be donating $25 to one of four charities of the buyer’s choice for each unit sold from now until August 31, 2013. Address your bandwidth issues while helping a great cause! Contact us today!

New GUI Features Coming This Fall!

Over the next few months, we’ll be adding some requested features to the NetEqualizer GUI to help improve user experience and increase functionality.

Here are some of the changes you are likely to see:
* Show all rules for an IP – be able to look up all associated rules for a given IP or subnet.
* Choose units for dashboard display – multiple options for bandwidth units beyond bytes/sec.
* See the top 10 offenders – this is already a feature in our Dynamic Real-Time Reporting tool, but it will soon be available to all.
* Priority by whois – Give priority to connections based on a whois lookup of their IP.
* And more!

We are continuing to invest in adding features to the new GUI, based on user requests and all the positive feedback we have received. We are excited to continue our commitment to providing you with the best tools to manage your network. Now that many of you have used the new GUI for 10+ months, let us know if there is something that you would like to see included this fall!

These features will be free to customers with valid NetEqualizer Software and Support. If you are not current with NSS, contact us today!


toll-free U.S. (888-287-2492),

worldwide (303) 997-1300 x. 103

Best Of The Blog

QoS Over the Internet: Is it Possible? Five Must-Know Facts

By Art Reisman – CTO – APconnections

I had an inquiry from a potential customer yesterday asking if we could monitor their QoS. I was a bit miffed as to what to tell them. At first, the question struck me as if they’d asked if we can monitor electrons on their power grid. In other words, it was a legitimate question in a sense, but of what use would it be to monitor QoS? I then asked him why he had implemented QoS in the first place. How did he know he needed it?

After inquiring a bit deeper, I also found out this customer was using extensive VPNs to remote offices over DSL internet circuits. His WAN traffic from the remote offices was sharing links with regular Internet data traffic, and all of it was traversing the public Internet. Then it hit me – he did not realize his QoS mechanisms were useless outside of his internal network…

Photo Of The Month

Dog Days of Summer
One of our friends recently adopted a dog from an animal shelter, as she wanted a companion animal to play with her hyperactive terrier puppy. Here they are, already mimicking each other on Day 2 after the adoption. I am sure that they will both enjoy their new life together during these hot, dog days of summer!

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