The DDoS industrial Complex Just Keeps on Growing

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is now awarding projects to vendors so they can proliferate the security industry with next-generation tools to mitigate DDoS attacks.

In the article main points are:

DARPA says the XD3 program looks to develop technologies that:

  • Thwart DDoS attacks by dispersing cyber assets (physically and/or logically) to complicate adversarial targeting
  • Disguise the characteristics and behaviors of those assets to confuse or deceive the adversary
  • Blunt the effects of attacks that succeed in penetrating other defensive measures by using adaptive mitigation techniques on endpoints such as mission‐critical servers.

How about instead of creating infinite complexity, just stopping them.  I wrote how this could be done back in December in 2015.

Or better yet, how about stinging and arresting people who initiate them? Perhaps we don’t have the police powers to do so.  Maybe the FBI has the manpower to do this. Hopefully it will not get to the point where we need to just cut off those countries from the Internet.

Am I just stupid? Or am I missing something?  What would be the cost to the security industry if we actually found a non labor-intensive way to put and end to this nonsense?

By  Art Reisman



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