NetEqualizer News: August 2016

We hope you enjoy this month’s NetEqualizer Newsletter. Highlights include Release 8.4 feedback, a preview of our new Quick Start Guide, an update on our 20 Gbps unit, and DDoS news.


August 2016


Release 8.4 feedback, and more!
Greetings! Enjoy another issue of NetEqualizer News.

art photo for NL

As the end of summer nears, here at APconnections we are basking in the glow of our latest 8.4 software release. Since our last newsletter, which announced that our 8.4 Release was generally available, we have been fully focused on deploying it. Our updated 8.4 GUI has been well-received, as you can read about in this month’s newsletter.

Also this month, we officially release our latest Quick Start Guide, updated for 8.4. Stay tuned for more to come on 8.4 documentation in next month’s newsletter.

Never one to rest on our laurels, we are now focused on the future – and this month you can read about our push for 20Gbps shapers. We also are enhancing our DDoS Firewall offering, to continue to bring you state-of-the-art protection.

We continue to work with you to solve some of your most pressing network problems – so if you have one that you would like to discuss with us, please call or email me anytime at 303.997.1300 x103 or

And remember we are now on Twitter. You can follow us @NetEqualizer.

– Art Reisman (CTO)

In this Issue:

:: Release 8.4 Feedback

:: Release 8.4 Quick Start Guide

:: Is a 20Gbps NetEqualizer in Your Future?

:: More DDoS News

:: Best of Blog: Bandwidth Shaping Shake Up

Release 8.4 Feedback

Release 8.4 has been a hit!

Release 8.4 has been well received! We have had a good number of compliments so far on the new interface. Here is a sampling…

Thanks for chiming in early on holiday Sunday. We do know we can count on you guys! The new interface looks fantastic. Easy access to often used information. It’s clean, neat and modern. Well done!

Your instructions were great! The upgrade is complete… very smooth!

Still haven’t taken the time to thank you for the wonderful GUI upgrade – BIG IMPROVEMENT, THANK YOU!

The new release offers a complete overhaul of the previous user interface and enhances all of our setup and reporting screens. Here are just a few of the improvements we’ve made:

1) Bulk editing of your configuration. You can now make any number of changes to the configuration with one save!


2) New dashboard interface. The Release 8.4 dashboard offers a new real-time report, information about your NetEqualizer and running processes, as well as quick links to setup, reporting, and maintenance screens. 


3) Perform quick edits without restarting Equalizing. If you just need to make a minor change, you can do so without impacting your busy network!

8.4 perform_quick_edits

Contact us today to update your NetEqualizer to Release 8.4! We also love hearing feedback from those of you who have been using Release 8.4!

As with all software releases, the 8.4 Release will be free to all customers with valid NetEqualizer Software and Support (NSS).

Release 8.4 Quick Start Guide

 Our new Quick Start Guide is here!

We are excited to announce that our Quick Start Guide has been updated to incorporate our recent 8.4 Release! Screenshot at Aug 22 14-27-51

This short guide contains 4 key sections to help you to set up & configure your NetEqualizer:

Step #1) Cabling the NetEqualizer into your Network
Step #2) Configuring the NetEqualizer
Step #3) Setting up Equalizing
Step #4) Validating & Backing up your Configuration

We also include three appendices, to further help with your setup:

Appendix #1) Viewing your Traffic
Appendix #2) Troubleshooting your Setup
Appendix #3) Syncing NetEqualizer to a Time Server

While used mainly to set up new equipment, this is a good reference if you want to revisit your settings. In addition, if you have not started using Real-Time Reporting (RTR), use Appendix #1 to get started.

We also recommend that you take a look at this to set your date/time and time zone (see Step #2), as well as to sync your NetEqualizer to a Time Server (see Appendix #3).

Stay tuned to our newsletter for updates on all of our 8.4 documentation releases!

Is a 20Gbps NetEqualizer in Your Future?

More Breaking News!

One of the advantages of the NetEqualizer and our underlying technology is that we do our shaping based on heuristics that can be collected quickly without requiring massive amounts of CPU resources. Traditional packet shaping technology that relies on heavy packet inspection cannot keep up with speeds over 5 Gbps without a complex set of parallel processors, which tend to drive product costs out of practical reach.

Hot on the heals of our Release 8.4, we are turning our attention toward a new class of bandwidth shaping solutions capable of handling 20 Gbps of throughput – while keeping the price tag well below anything else on the market. We will have more details in the coming months as we continue our in-house testing. Look for a formal announcement this fall, and feel free to contact us for more details before then!

airportMore DDoS News

Exciting enhancements to our DDoS Product!

More news on the DDOS front. We will be making some enhancements to our DDOS firewall this fall! Specifically, we will be adding a new feature to block/warn on external IP’s based on their total number of incoming connections. Currently our DDOS warning system triggers on the rate of data coming in from unknown external entities, however we do not have a total concurrent connection count alert specific to outside IP addresses. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks, and please email us your ideas for additional DDoS protection as you encounter any suspected issues on your network.
Best Of Blog

Bandwidth Shaping Shake Up

By Art Reisman
If you went to sleep in 2005 and woke up 10 years later you would likely be surprised by some dramatic changes in technology.
Smart cars that drive themselves are almost a reality
The desktop PC is no longer a consumer product
Wind farms now line the highways of rural America
Layer 7 shaping technology is now clinging to life, crashing the financials of several companies that bet the house on it
What happened to layer 7?

Photo of the Month


Remember those great roadside attractions?
This cheesy roadside attraction near Oakley Kansas off I-70 has come to end. I drove by it this summer and noticed the signage was down. The elderly operator had mentioned a few years ago that “times were not what they used to be” in the heyday of the 70’s. People were just not stopping anymore. Not only did it feature the world’s largest prairie dog as depicted in the photo, they also had a five-legged cow, a rattle snake pit, and a variety of North American animals in small cages. Although I felt bad for the animals and did not like to see them cooped up like that, I’ll miss the nostalgic charm of an era gone by.
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