A Packet Shaper Alternative

We generally don’t market the NetEqualizer product as an alternative to any particular competitor. NetEqualizer  stands on its own; however many of our customers are former Blue Coat, PacketShaper users. and their only complaint with our product is that they wish they could have found us sooner.

If you are looking for something simpler , lower cost , with a rock solid track record of solving congestion issues on Network Interfaces, you have come to the right place.

The basic premise of our technology is shaping by behavior based heuristics. Although that might sound a bit different from shaping by application, it is really quite effective and easy to use.  More importantly , it is becoming the best option in a world where the layer 7 techniques used by Blue Coat Packet Shaper, Allot NetEnforcer, Exinda  are unable to identify signatures due to increased content encryption.

Feel free to contact us , or any of our reference customers who have switched over to our technology to learn more.






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