Tucson Unified School District Could Use a Bandwidth Controller

The excerpt below from the Arizona Star Daily sums up the network gridlock  situation at the Tucson Unified School Distirct.  The reason for posting this on our blog is the hope that other administrators will find us before they go out and commit to the recurring costs of additional expensive bandwidth.

At Fruchthendler Elementary School, one first-grade teacher was supposed to give an online assessment, only to find it took 10 minutes to load each question. She finally gave up and printed out the tests.

We are a 21st-century school running on 20th-century bandwidth,” Little said. “I feel like I’m back to what I had in high school, which is pretty much nothing.

Read the full Article from the Arizona Stqr Daily

Although we have no other details about the situation in Tucson  and their gridlocked Internet service, we are confident that an affordably priced 21st century bandwidth control solution could certainly make a difference.

NetEqualizer is being used in school districts across the country and has been largely effective in preventing many of the problems experienced in Tucson. Click here for feedback and reviews from just a few of the school districts that have deployed NetEqualizer.

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