Special Glasses Needed to Spot Network Security Holes

By Art Reisman

CTO – http://www.netequalizer.com

Would you leave for vacation with your garage door wide open or walk off the edge of a cliff looking for a lost dog? Whether it be a bike lock, or that little beep your car makes when you hit the button on your remote, you rely on physical confirmation for safety and security every day.

Because network security holes do not illuminate any of our human senses, most businesses run blind with respect to what are obvious vulnerabilities. Security holes can be glaringly obvious to a hacker.

Have you ever seen an Owl swoop down in the darkness and grab a rabbit? I have, but only once, and that was in the dim glow of field illuminated by some nearby stadium lights. Owls take hundreds of rodents every night under the cover of darkness, they have excellent night vision and most rodents don’t.

To a hacker, a security hole can be just as obvious as that rabbit. You might feel seemingly secure under the cover of darkness. To your senses what may be invisible is quite obvious to a hacker. They have ways of illuminating your security holes. And then, they can choose to exploit them if deemed juicy enough. For some entry points, a hacker might have to look a little bit harder, like lifting a door mat to reveal a key. Never the less, they will see the key, and the problem is you won’t even know the key is under the mat.

Fancy automated tools that report risk are nice, but the only way to expose your actual network security holes is to hire somebody with night vision goggles that can see the holes. Most tools that do audits are not good enough by themselves, they sort of bumble around in the dark looking and feeling for things, and they really do not see them the way a hacker does.

I’d strongly urge any company that is serious about updating their security to employ a white knight hacker before any other investment outlay. For the same reason that automated systems cannot replace humans, even though billions have been spent on them over the years, you should not start your security defense with an automated tool. It must start with a human hell bent on breaking into your business and then showing you the holes. It never ceases to amaze me the types of holes our white knight hackers find. There is nothing better at spotting security holes than a guy with special glasses.

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