Proactive ISP Mikrotec, a Kentucky-based Internet Service Provider

An article by Jagan Jagannathan on TMCnet caught my attention today. For all of our NetEqualizer ISP customers competing with Tier 1 providers, you are likely aware that it is your superior customer service that retains your base.

Mikrotec has a very proactive service to pre-call customers when they spot a problem, a big hit with their subscribers.

Here is an excerpt from the article…

One of the service providers offering proactive support services is Mikrotec, a Kentucky-based Internet service provider that has branded this service Pro-Alert. Pro-Alert offers the broadband provider “live, dynamic visibility” into the performance and availability of every subscriber and application across the entire network ecosystem. This enables Mikrotec to proactively take action on an issue before one of their customers has even noticed that there might be a problem.

Here is a link to the full article:

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