Do Internet Service Providers give home field advantage to their VOIP?

By Art Reisman

Art Reisman CTO

Editor’s note: Art Reisman is the CTO of APconnections. APconnections designs and manufactures the popular NetEqualizer bandwidth shaper.

The following article caught my attention this morning. Many of the ISPs that deploy our technology also provide their own VOIP service. Most have asked the question; can they make their in house VOIP offering work better than that offered by third parties such as Skype ? Fortunately, to date, we have taken the high road and talked them out of such a policy. We contend that protectionist strategies will eventually backfire. We have always proselytized if you have VOIP offering make sure it works well, price it well and your customers will stick with you.
Here is an excerpt from the Ars Technica article:

FCC wants to know if Comcast is interfering with VoIP

By Matthew Lasar | Published: January 19, 2009 – 10:25PM CT

Does Comcast give its own Internet phone service special treatment compared to VoIP competitors who use the ISP’s network? That’s basically the question that the Federal Communications Commission posed in a letter sent to the cable giant on Sunday.

Read on for the full article

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