NetEqualizer rolling out URL based traffic shaping.

February 10th, 2009

Lafayette Colorado

APconnections makers of the of the popular NetEqualizer line of bandwidth control and traffic shaping hardware appliances today announced a major feature enhancement to their product line. URL based shaping.

In our recent newsletter we asked our customers if they were in need of URL based shaping and the feedback was a resounding YES.

Using our current release, administrators  have the ability to shape their network traffic by, IP address , Mac Address, VLAN or subnet. With addition of URL shaping, our product line will meet the demands of Co-location operators.

A distinction we need to make clear, is that URL based shaping is not related to DPI or content based shaping. URLs are public information as they travel across the Internet, and are basically  a mapping into human readable  form of an IP address; therefore URL based shaping does not require opening private data for inspection.

If you are interested in details regarding this feature please contact APconnections directly.

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