Results From Comcast’s New Bandwidth Shaping Approach Support Long-Time NetEqualizer Strategy

This week, a DSL Reports article explored the favorable customer response to the most recent changes in Comcast’s bandwidth shaping strategy. The article states:

“Last month we explored how Comcast and Sandvine’s network management technology continues to evolve. Unlike Comcast’s last system, which throttled upstream traffic for all users regardless of consumption, this new system identifies customers and throttles back consumption only if they’re on a congested node — and they’re a particular reason why. Even then, we haven’t seen complaints from users in our Comcast forum, which is a very good sign.”

Several months ago, we documented the similarities and differences between Comcast’s network management techniques and those of NetEqualizer. If you go back and read our older article, it sounds like these latest changes address many of the issues we raised and inch Comcast’s approach even closer to that of NetEqualizer. The key here is that, like NetEqualizer, they now only hit the users that are specifically breaking the camels back, and as the author points out, there are no complaints.

Although nobody from Comcast has ever conferred with us on our technology, we believe this new more specific shaping is very close to what we have been doing for years, and with similar results — no complaints.

To read the full DSL Reports article, click here.

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