APconnections Study Shows Administrators Prioritize Results over Bandwidth Reporting

Today we released the results of our month-long study into the needs of bandwidth monitoring technology users which sought to determine the priority users place on detailed reporting compared to the overall impact on network optimization. Based on the results of a NetEqualizerNews.com poll, 80-percent of study participants voted that a smoothly running network was more important than the information provided by detailed reporting.

Ultimately, the study confirms what we’ve believed for years. While some reporting is essential, complicated reporting tools tend to be overkill. When users simply want their networks to run smoothly and efficiently, detailed reporting isn’t always necessary and certainly isn’t the most cost-effective solution.

Detailed bandwidth monitoring technology is not only more expensive from the start, but an administrator is also likely to spend more time making adjustments and looking for optimal performance. The result is a continuous cycle of unnecessarily spent manpower and money.

We go into further detail on the subject in our recent blog post entitled “The True Price of Bandwidth Monitoring.” The full article can be found at https://netequalizernews.com/2009/07/16/the-true-price-of-bandwidth-monitoring/.

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