Bandwidth Quota Prophecy plays out at Comcast.

A couple of years ago we pointed out how implementing a metered usage policy could create additional overhead.  Here is an excerpt:

To date, it has not been a good idea to flaunt a quota policy and many ISPs do their best to keep it under the radar. In addition, enforcing and demonstrating a quota-based system to customers will add overhead costs and also create more customer calls and complaints. It will require more sophistication in billing and the ability for customers to view their accounts in real time. Some consumers will demand this, and rightly so.

Today two years after Comcast started a fair use policy based on Quota’s they announced a new tool for customers that allows customers to see their usage and  gives them a warning before being cut off.  I suspect the new tool is designed to alleviate the issues we mention in our paragraph above.

NetEqualizer customers can usually accomplish bandwidth reductions fairly without the complexity of quota systems , but in a pinch we also have a quota system on our equipment.

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