Need for Equalizing on Verizon Data Network ?

By Art Reisman


I read a blog post today describing how the 3g wireless providers will not have proper capacity to meet growing demand. Data usage with the  boom of personal devices has finally ramped up and caught them underpowered.

My observations:

It just  so happens that I rely on a Verizon broadband card when I am on the road. I love their service it is by far the best of other carriers I have tried.

I spent a couple days in Gainesville Florida this week , and where my Verizon connection seemed consistently closer to  dial up when anecdotally compared to  typical broad band.  My measurement technique  is pragmatic, and less than scientific, if  I wait for 4 to 5 seconds for a small text e-mail to send, it is sure sign I am not on their 3g network. You can move in and out of 3g service depending on where you are. I then went down to Sanibel Island and my speeds picked back up to broad band levels again.

The Sanibel speeds put an exclamation on how degraded my service was up in Gainesville.  Obviously this anectdotal as there could be other factors at play here , but here are the  two obvious explanations for the increased response times on Sanibel Island when compared to Gainesville.

1) Gainesville is not covered by 3g (high speed broadband)

2) Sanibel island lacks the College students and younger crowd that pressure data usage with their downloads of videos and streaming audio.

I am guessing the answer is number 2.

ALthough verizon , in my opinion cleary has the best network, there is some room for improvement here in Florida.

Based on my limited obervations this week, I suspect that  a few strategically placed  Netequalizers would help speed up response times for services such as e-mail and web browsing in these congested areas.  Obviously this would be at the expense of people watching videos on their portable devices; however it is unlikely those services are running all the quickly on congested network to start with.

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