Google High Speed Internet Service is a Smart Play

Some day it will happen, a search engine that really understands the context of what you are looking for.  Maybe it will come from a young group of grad students with a school research project?  This would be an ironic twist for Google since this is exactly how they came to power; all the more reason to understand the dangers of complacency.

I must admit that I have noticed a difference since Google’s upgrade in May.  Things have gotten better, however, it is an incremental improvement in the battle to get rid of all the bogus linked up pages looking for higher rankings and muddling real content.  Their hold as the top search engine will always be a tenuous position.

My advice to Google

Now is the time to leverage your market position, and the best thing I can think of would be to build a rock-solid fiber network-to-the-home in a major metropolitan area.  A real meat and potatoes service that cannot be undermined by a rogue start-up. Combine your ISP with your ability to host content (worry about the anti-trust stuff later). With the largest and most efficient mass storage facilities in the world, and fiber-to-the-home, you can easily cache massive amounts of video content for instant delivery, thus easily creaming the competition’s delivery cost. You now have a product with a much higher entry barrier. Give it away at cost and fund it with your advertising network. Oh, it looks like Google is one step ahead of me hmm???

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