The Voice Report Telecom Junkies Interview: “Bandwidth Battles: A New Approach”

Linfield College logoListen in on a conversation with Andrew Wolf, telecom manager and NetEqualizer customer from Linfield College, and Art Reisman, CTO APconnections, as they spoke to George David, president of CCMI and publisher of TheVoiceReport.

Andrew switched from a Packeteer to a NetEqualizer in mid-2011.  In this interview Andrew talks about how the NetEqualizer has not only reduced Linfield College’s network congestion, but also has saved him both ongoing labor costs (no babysitting the solution or adding policies) and upfront costs on the hardware itself.

Listen the to broadcast: Bandwidth Battles: A New Approach
From TheVoiceReport Telecom Junkies, aired on 4/5/2012 | Length 12:16

College & University Guide

College & University Guide

Telecom manager Andrew Wolf at Linfield College had a problem – one just about all communications pros face or will face: huge file downloads were chewing up precious bandwidth and dragging down network performance. Plenty of traditional fixes were available, but the cost and staff to manage the apps were serious obstacles. Then Andrew landed on a unique “bandwidth behavior” approach from Art Reisman at NetEqualizer. End result – great performance at much lower costs, a real win-win. Get all the details in this latest episode of Telecom Junkies.

Want to learn more? See how others have benefited from NetEqualizer.  Read our NetEqualizer College & University testimonials.  Download our College & University Guide.

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