NetEqualizer News: February 2014

February 2014


Enjoy another issue of NetEqualizer News! This month, we preview our new Software Update 8.0 Beta (which includes Protocol Tracking reports), as well as our new Mogicho licensed movie content service for customers with our caching option, and lastly we remind you about our NetEqualizer trade-in policy. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer News.

A message from Art…
Art Reisman, CTO – APconnections

As we move into February, we have been glued to the TV watching the Olympic games – well, actually glued to “on demand” video replays on our iPads and laptops. We love that there are no commercials and that we can watch whenever we want! If you find yourself doing the same, you will not be surprised that more and more customers mention that video is a huge percentage of their Internet traffic.
We recognize this trend, and are working on this in several areas. This month we talk about our new Protocol Tracking reports, which will help you to make sense of all the video on your network. Also, as I mentioned last month, I am working on partnerships with the movie industry. We call this offering “Mogicho”, and you can read more about it below. 2014 begins, we are excited to see what the year brings. In the United States, the economy is finally improving, at least when measured by job creation, stock market growth, and real estate sales. Hopefully, this trend continues, as we are ready for the Great Recession to be officially over! We hope that you are seeing an improving economy in your part of the world too.

We love it when we hear back from you – so if you have a story you would like to share with us of how we have helped you, let us know. Email me directly at I would love to hear from you!

Software Update 8.0 Beta: Protocol Tracking Reports

We are excited to announce the 8.0 Beta Release for NetEqualizer where we introduce Protocol Tracking reports!

Protocol Tracking reports extend our Dynamic Real-Time Reporting (RTR) – Traffic Reporting capabilities. Through Protocol Tracking, we enable you track various Internet protocols (Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, Pandora, etc.) and then view these protocols and bandwidth usage for an IP or your entire network in a pie or bar chart format.


We built our RTR tool last year, and based on the feedback that we received, we have continued our investment in visibility and reporting in 2014. As many of you note that you need to better understand how much video is on your network, and what types of traffic are consuming your bandwidth, we felt that the time was right for Protocol Tracking reports.


When we introduced our NetGladiator IPS in mid-2012, we built it out with a powerful Layer 7 engine. We have now incorporated this engine into our NetEqualizer code base, so that we can offer you a way to report on protocols on your network. We see this as a complementary component that enhances our NetEqualizer shaping features, and we are excited to offer you this additional visibility into your network traffic.

How to Participate in the 8.0 Beta

The 8.0 Beta is subject to availability. If you are interested in the Beta, and meet the following requirements, please contact us to see if this is a good fit for your situation.

Beta requirements:

– must be current on NSS

– must be running NE3000 or NE4000

– must be on Software Update 7.5

– must be available to provide feedback on the 8.0 Beta features

Once 8.0 reaches GA, these features will be free to customers with valid NetEqualizer Software and Support who are running version 7.5. If you are not current with NSS, contact us today at:



Trade In Your Old NetEqualizer!

Many of you may not be aware that we offer a generous trade-in credit when it is time to retire your old NetEqualizer. We will give you 50%* of the original unit price plus 50% of any license upgrades towards a new unit.

We believe that this offer is unmatched in the industry. Why do we do this? Because we believe that bandwidth shaping should be affordable, and as part of that, we help you to protect your original investment.

How to know if you need a new NetEQ?

1) You can no longer run our current software. NE2000’s earlier than August 2011 cannot run 7.0+.

2) Your hardware warranty has long expired and your unit is over five years old. We offer four years of hardware warranty (NHW), which must be purchased each consecutive year from your original purchase. If you are outside of warranty, your unit is probably past its useful life.

3) You want the faster processors and more memory that new hardware can give you. Just like a PC or tablet, the hardware that we offer today is faster and has more memory than older boxes.

4) And the most important reason, because you want one!

And remember, while we will continue to offer license upgrades on our NE2000 series as needed, if you have a NE2000 purchased before August 2011, it will only be supported through 12/31/2014. If you have an older NE2000, please contact us sometime in 2014 to discuss your options.

If you have questions on trade-in units, feel free to contact us at:



* This offer does not apply to POE or Lite units.

Coming Soon: Mogicho
A new movie offering that leverages our NetEqualizer Caching Option (NCO) infrastructure

In addition to our other projects, we are also progressing with our “Mogicho” offer to bring an amazing assortment of licensed movie content into our NCO caching server. We will be finalizing the license with the content providers next month, and we are excited to say it will be a nice value-add to any ISP needing to enhance their offer to their constituents. We think Mogicho will be especially of interest to ISPs with less than a 5Gbps Netflix streams2 (where Netflix currently is not interested in providing Netflix Open Connect (caching engine)).

Where will this be available?

Mogicho is a new distribution channel for unique online movie content, targeted at rural and remote users not served by Major Internet Providers (M-ISPs).

We are initially releasing Mogicho within the United States and Canada. There are millions of consumers in the United States and Canada who are served by second-tier Internet providers. These second-tier providers (2T-ISPs) include small town cable operators, small town phone companies, and independent rural WISPs.

How does Mogicho work?

Mogicho movie content is secured & stored locally on the NetEqualizer at the 2T-ISP NOC. Video is streamed through the 2T-ISP Access Points directly to customers. Video is available at higher speeds than today, as each customer is not competing with all customers for video to come through the M-ISP throttling point.

s3Looking for more announcements this spring on Mogicho, and if you have questions, contact us at:



Best Of The Blog

Guest Article From a WISP Owner in the Trenches

By Rory Conaway – Triad Wireless

Editors Note: A great read if you are thinking of starting a WISP and need a little inspiration. Re-posted with permission from Rory Conaway, Triad Wireless. Rory is president and CEO of Triad Wireless, an engineering and design firm in Phoenix. Triad Wireless specializes in unique RF data and network designs for municipalities, public safety and educational campuses. E-mail comments to

Tales from the Towers – Chapter 50: CRY ‘HAVOC!’, AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR

Interesting fellow that Shakespeare because not only did he write plays, he also acted in them. And although Tales from the Towers doesn’t hold a candle (pre-electric times, you can groan now) to Mr. William’s contributions to culture, I have a double life too. If you haven’t guessed it yet, writing articles really isn’t my full-time job (my wife is giving me the look that says I should find another hobby), I actually run a WISP, do installs, and handle tech support calls. After 10 years though, and many mistakes and successes, I’ve decided to rethink my network from the ground up as if I was starting tomorrow and share that.

The idea is to help lay out a simplified road map that will bring forth thousands of new WISPs into the market that can start breaking down the digital divide without taxpayer money and creating a new business. Since a thousand bee stings can take out the biggest animal, the more companies that jump into the industry, the better the chances of competing against the incumbents. It’s time to open the floodgates of small business entrepreneurs and begin the war for last mile bandwidth delivery everywhere. And although few outside Star Trek fans will recognize one of Shakespeare’s most famous sayings, they will recognize this modern variation, “Who let the dogs out”! Hopefully it’s the WISP industry…

Photo Of The Month


Storm Chasing Convention
Given the fact that the winter weather has been so severe this year, Art decided to check in with Greg Forbes (The Weather Channel severe weather expert) at a local storm chaser convention. Here he is with him last weekend. Unfortunately, after talking with him, he can’t make any promises about good weather in the spring.

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