Comcast at It Again, Shaping Amazon Content

Sunday night I decided I would finally try watching the Sopranos.  Amazon offers Sopranos content for $1.99 an episode, which saves me the hassle of getting a full year HBO subscription to get episodes.  First pass on my smart internet connected TV,  I could not get the Amazon stream to run at all, and so I reverted to watching it on my laptop.  It came up on the laptop, but the video was choppy and constantly breaking up, stalling etc.   In other words it was being throttled by Comcast.  Solution?

I just fired up my IPvanish which hides the source of the video from Comcast, and presto, I was able to watch the whole episode without an issue.   If you experience content streaming problems with your National ISP try using a VPN tunnel, it has worked for me quite well.

There are other posts about this practice.

There is something rotten in the state of online streaming.

How to get access to blocked Internet Sites.

Editors Note: I completely understand why they throttle content, and have covered the economics behind this before. I just don’t like the secrecy  and deception around it, hence I will continue to publish articles when I find it.

Art Reisman

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