IT/Tech Geek New Year Resolutions

Here are my tech geek new year resolutions for 2016.  If you have a loved one or friends that could use some help breaking away from their tech induced coma please share.

In 2016 I resolve to:

  1.  change my shirt at least once a week and take a shower ( I have been pretty good at this most of the time)
  2. when working on my laptop, purposely let the power run down and then take a break when the low power warning comes on ( yes I actually do this)
  3. find a window to look out every 15 minutes and make a mental note that that those squirrels and birds out there have it rougher than I do. (just looked out the window and saw 3 squirrels under the bird feeder)
  4. clean the food crumbs and scuz off my keyboard and screen once a week. ( my track record in 2015 was abysmal, but the upside is that nobody will touch my laptop)
  5. stop doing support calls from public places like grocery stores and airports
  6. help a random stranger every day.
  7. call my mom
  8. not to break the glass on my phone more than 3 times this year ( 3 times last year was a record, 5 if you count my iPad)
  9. make one new friend that does not play video games
  10. remind myself that wireless networks are imperfect pieces of @#$@ and not to take it personally when they fail.

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