Together We Can Put an End to Pop Up Advertisements

Normally I would not advocate something like I am about to propose, but those pop up video advertisements are just killing me. Especially when I am using my wireless device as a hot spot,  these unwanted annoyances add insult to injury by draining my precious data usage. Yes, I have ad blockers on my browsers, but it is only a matter of time before they are subverted with some new technology. There is a better way to put an end to Pop up Advertisements but it will take a village to make a difference.

Believe it or not, the best way to put an end to unwanted advertisements is to click on them and then quickly abandon the resulting web page. Abandonments are the bane of the Marketing world. Here is why…

In traditional media a marketing team plays an advertisement/commercial for a known demographic at a fixed price, whether it be Television, Newspaper, Magazine, etc. They then measure the effectiveness of the advertisement by the increase in leads or sales over the period of time that the advertisement runs.

Digital pop advertisements are a bit different. It is a pay-for-click scheme where the advertiser gets charged by the click.  They blast these annoying advertisements to perhaps a million people with no real cost consequences, (other than fraud, but that is another story) because they do not pay unless people click on their ad.  As the people who click on the advertisements are very likely their target audience, this model is very efficient.  Advertisers love this model, as it allows them to essentially only pay advertising dollars to a self-qualified audience. After all, who clicks on an advertisement unless they have some level of interest in the product to start with?

However, if we consumers and web users rise up and just simply click on one or two web pop up ads a day that we have no interest in, the practice of bombarding us will come to end.

Why?  Because the cost of these extra clicks will make their advertising campaign much less efficient. The advertiser is looking for a return on investment, and the more clicks with no follow through sale that happen, the more unpalatable pop up ads will become.

If you too are annoyed by pop up ads, please share this article. Let us see if we can drive these advertisers back into the margins of our web pages, and get them out of our faces. I cannot do this alone.

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