How I Survived a Ransomware Attack

By Art Reisman

About six months ago, I was trying to access a web site when I got the infamous message. Your Flash player is out of date. I was provided a link to a site to update my Flash player.   At the time, I thought nothing of updating my flash player, as this had happened perhaps 100 times already. That begs the question as to why my perfectly fine and happy Adobe Flash player constantly needs to be updated ? Another story for another day.

In my haste, I clicked the link and promptly received the Adobe Flash update for my Mac and installed it. For all intent and purpose, that was the end of my MAC.  This thing just took it over, destroying it . It would insidiously  let me get started with  my daily work and within a few minutes I would receive a barrage of almost constant messages popping up telling me I had a virus and to call some number for help. Classic Ransomware.   At the time I did not think Macs were vulnerable to this type of thing, as the only viruses I had contracted prior were on my Windows machines which I   tossed in the scrap pile  several years ago for that very reason.

My solution  to this dilemma was simply to re-load my Mac from scratch.  I was up and running again in about one hour.   A hassle yes , the end of the world no.

Now you might be wondering what about all my data programs and files I store on my MAC ?  And to that I answer what data files ? Everything I do is in the cloud, nothing is stored on my MAC, there is no reason to store anything locally.

Gmail, Quickbooks, WordPress, Photos ,Documents, Customer records,  and many more all stored in the cloud!

For backup I periodically e-mail a list of all my important cloud links to myself,  since they are stored in Gmail and always accessible I can always find them on any computer. Data recovery amounts to nothing more than finding my most recent  backup list  e-mail and clicking on them as needed.



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