APconnections Announces New API for Customizing Bandwidth User Quotas

APconnections is proud to announce the release of its NetEqualizer User-Quota API (NUQ API) programmer’s toolkit. This new toolkit will allow NetEqualizer users to generate custom configurations to better handle bandwidth quotas* as well as keep customers informed of their individual bandwidth usage.

The NetEqualizer User-Quota API (NUQ API) programmer’s toolkit features include:

  1. Tracking user data by IP and MAC address (MAC address tracking will be out in the second release)
  2. Specifying quotas and bandwidth limits by IP or a subnet block
  3. Monitoring real-time bandwidth utilization at any time
  4. Setting up a notification alarm when a user exceeds a bandwidth limit
  5. Utilizing an API programming interface

In addition to providing the option to create separate bandwidth quotas for individual customers and reduce a customer’s Internet pipe when they have reached their individual set limit, customers themselves can be notified when a limit is reached and even have access to an interface to monitor current monthly usage so they are not surprised when they reach their limit.

Overall, the NUQ API will provide a quick and easy tool to customize your business and business process.

If you do not currently have the resources to use the NUQ API and customize it to fit your business, please contact us and we can arrange for one of our consulting partners to put together an estimate for you.  Or, if you just have a few questions, we’d be happy to put together a reasonable support contract (Support for the API programs is not included in our standard software support (NSS)).

*Bandwidth quotas are used by ISPs as a means to meter total bandwidth downloaded over a period of time. Although not always disclosed, most ISPs reserve the right to limit service for users that continually download data. Some providers use the threat of quotas as a deterrent to keep overall traffic on an Internet link down.

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