NetEqualizer Announces VoIP QoS Solution Over VLAN

LAFAYETTE, Colo., April 24 /PRNewswire/ — APconnections, a leading supplier of plug-and-play bandwidth shaping products and creator of the NetEqualizer, today announced the release of new technology capable of ensuring VoIP QoS over VLAN.

Although most traditional switch providers have in the past had solid solutions for ensuring VoIP within an enterprise network using TOS bits and class of service available on most commercial routers, all bets have been off as to whether VoIP calls would go through over the public Internet (unless using a solution from an Internet provider).

This was the case until service providers, schools and libraries began using the NetEqualizer to better connect their customers to the Internet. The NetEqualizer can sense congestion on the Internet link and rearrange traffic so that VoIP calls maintain their quality without the need for any additional equipment or use of TOS bits.

“Our customers love it because it handles congestion in both directions, something traditional routers can’t do,” said Art Reisman, CEO and co-founder of APconnections.

With the NetEqualizer, products such as Vonage phones can remain operational even during peak times of bandwidth usage over a VLAN. This new technology will prove especially useful for operators providing Internet service to diverse groups of users such as in office parks and municipalities.

“We have deployed several NetEqualizers in office complexes around the world starting several years ago,” said Kris Lamberth, senior partner of Digital Reach, Inc. “We can’t say enough on how simple the NetEqualizer is to use and how much easier managing bandwidth has been compared to traditional router-based solutions. The VLAN shaping feature will allow us to provide QoS for each VLAN, which will give us a huge competitive advantage over other IT consulting agencies in our industry.”

Digital Reach ( specializes in delivering cost-effective and cutting-edge IT solutions to small- and medium-sized companies around the world.

The NetEqualizer is a plug-and-play bandwidth control and WAN/Internet optimization appliance that is flexible and scalable. When the network is congested, NetEqualizer’s unique “behavior shaping” technology gives priority to latency sensitive applications, such as VoIP and email. It does it all dynamically and automatically, improving on other bandwidth shaping technology out there. It controls network flow for the best WAN optimization.

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