APconnections Details Hidden Node 802.11 Solution in AirEqualizer White Paper

APconnections, maker of the popular bandwidth control solution NetEqualizer, today announced the publication of a detailed white paper describing how their new access point technology, AirEqualizer, solves the hidden node problem widely found in wireless networks.

“The AirEqualizer has proven itself to be a rock solid access point which completely eliminates congestion and slowness associated with hidden nodes,” said Art Reisman, CEO of APconnections.

Entitled, “AirEqualizer and Hidden Nodes: A Real Solution to a Virtual Problem,” the white paper breaks down the hidden node issue and the complications it can cause for wireless networks. The paper goes on to document the technology behind the AirEqualizer solution, which uses latency to prevent more dominant nodes from blocking out those with weaker signals.

The white paper in its entirety can be found at http://www.netequalizer.com/Hidden_Node_White_Paper.php.

The AirEqualizer technology was first developed out of open source projects that APconnections started in 2004. Like the company’s NetEqualizer line, the AirEqualizer is designed to fit easily into any network with minimal setup time. In addition, the technology doesn’t require users to purchase products from any single equipment supplier, like many other hidden nodes solutions.

When asked why APconnections openly explains and details their technology in a white paper, Reisman responded: “We found that customers don’t like getting locked into proprietary solutions where they’re forced to buy certain types of equipment, and we use that to our advantage. Anybody already using 802.11 technology can retrofit our AP’s right in without any re-design. We offer a value add by supporting and bundling the technology in an AP.”

Also announced today is the availability of the AirEqualizer in Western Europe exclusively through APconnections’ distribution partner Ai Bridges (http://www.Aibridges.ie).

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