NetEqualizer Bandwidth Controller Looking Strong During Slowdown

The last several months have been filled with panic and scare by the news media. The world is coming to an end for many reasons. To name a few:

1) Greedy Wall Street firms

2) Greedy oil companies

3) Lack of government oversight on the mortgage industry

4) An unpopular war in IRAQ

5) Child molesters on the Internet

6) Crazed lunatics on college campuses

I suppose you could listen to this and get depressed or you could ignore it and buy a NetEqualizer, which is what many new customers are doing these days.

One factor is obviously our price points. Companies either die or move forward, and part of moving forward involves maintaining a superior communication infrastructure.

During boom years, purchasing a bandwidth controller was an easy sale for our competitors. The Packeteer, Allot, River Bed reps showed up at the door and the typical IT director, opened his pocket, and wrote a check, often dropping 50K without blinking. Now with a slightly uncertain future, the formerly little known NetEqualizer brand, priced too low to be true, is now on par with more expensive traffic shapers.

Our inquires and sales for the first quarter of 2008 are picking up over last year. We have not increased our advertising and we still sell mostly direct, thus keeping our prices down.

In the past week, we had major sales to companies such as Fluor Corporation, Airbus, and some major college accounts.

More to come soon, look for our new release coming out in May 2008.

Eli Riles — For the NetEqalizer

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