NetEqualizer Network Access Control Module Helps Generate Revenue

Background: The NetEqualizer network access control module (NAC), which was released this past September, allows users to re-direct “unknown” or “unauthorized” traffic to a web server hosted on the NetEqualizer.  Once redirected, you can have the NetEqualizer perform a variety of actions, including:

1) Authenticating a user via login
2) Allowing the unknown user to create a paid account (using a credit card, for example)
3) Allowing the user to pass through to the Internet without logging in

Did you know that the NetEqualizer network access control module offers several options to generate revenue? One of the dilemmas many of our customers have mentioned is that in order to be competitive they don’t want to charge for their Internet service (hotels, etc.). Well, the cool thing about the NAC module is that you can offer multiple logins with different rate limits. For example, one could be your standard free service and another could be a paid service with higher bandwidth rates.

An additional revenue generating feature of the NAC module is the ability to run advertisements on the login screens. For example, if you’re a hotel operator, even if you’re not charging for Internet service, you could have your guests login on a screen with the logo and name of a local merchant, or anybody that is interested in cross marketing with your hotel.

The NAC module also has customizable splash screens on its default login page that you can edit, thus welcoming your users with whatever content you choose.

For more information about the NetEqualizer network access control module, visit our Web page at or contact us at 1-888-287-2492 or via email at

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