NetEqualizer News: May 2016

We hope you enjoy this month’s NetEqualizer Newsletter.  Highlights include updates on upcoming Release 8.4, Seven Network Troubleshooting Tips, a reminder about the upcoming ASCUE conference, and also our complimentary Tech Refresh offering.

May 2016
Release 8.4 will debut in June! 
Greetings! Enjoy another issue of NetEqualizer News.

art photo for NLSpring has sprung in Colorado (finally!).  We are being treated to sunny days, mixed with cool winds and rain.  On the nice days, I like to birdwatch.  If you ever want to read a great story about birders, check out “The Big Year“.  The book is great; unfortunately the movie was a box office bomb!

2016 feels like a Big Year for the NetEqualizer!  We think you will agree that our 8.4 Release is a game changer.  We have added many batch configuration screens, which streamline the whole set-up process. 8.4 is expected to be Generally Available (GA) in June. Read below to learn more.

This month our favorite blog article gives you Seven Network Troubleshooting Tips, useful to those that do not troubleshoot on a daily basis!

Don’t forget that there is still time to register for ASCUE! We will be represented at the ASCUE Conference June 12-16th. Join Young Harris College at their talk featuring the NetEqualizer.
And finally, if you have not already taken advantage of our FREE Tech Refresh, what are you waiting for?  Contact us today to schedule your session.
If you have feedback, ideas, or questions for me, please email me anytime at

And remember we are now on Twitter. You can follow us @NetEqualizer.

– Art Reisman (CTO)

In this Issue:

:: NetEqualizer Release 8.4 Debuts in June!

:: Renew your NetEqualizer Knowledge with a Tech Refresh

:: Learn about the NetEqualizer at ASCUE June 12-16

:: Best of Blog: Seven Must Know Network Troubleshooting Tips

NetEqualizer Release 8.4 Debuts in June!

A Few of My Favorite Things about Release 8.4….

Comments by Art Reisman
Last month we detailed some of the new features coming out in our 8.4 Release. To be honest, at the time of the last newsletter, I had not actually kicked the tires on it. These past few weeks I have been using it extensively, and have been really quite impressed. Here are some of my notes on what I love about 8.4.

#1) The Updated NetEqualizer Dashboard 

The Dashboard, with a ticker tape type live monitor, finally provides a clean professional look that the NetEqualizer deserves. From here you access four core areas: 1) Setup, 2) RTR, 3) DDoS, and 4) Maintenance. One change that you will love to see – your key is now listed in Mbps or Gbps. Below you can see under “Authorized to Pass” the key is for 10Gbps. The new curb appeal certainly has had a positive effect on recent customers that have previewed 8.4.

#2) Batch Configuration!

You now will have the ability to edit and modify all of your rules in a spreadsheet-type format from the GUI.  In my opinion, this was long overdue, so I am excited that we have finally been able to incorporate this feature into our GUI.

Previously, this was only possible by directly editing our configuration file.  While certainly efficient, it used to be a risky proposition, as there was no checking for malformed rules. With the GUI front end, error checking is now in place to look for common data validation errors such as properly formed IP addresses and valid positive integers where required.  There are also warning messages to help alert you as needed.  And as you can see below, you can name your Pools to something meaningful on your network (here they are called Test Pool 1, Test 2, and Test 3).

#3) Easily Set Time and Time Zone

The new GUI also has an easy way to set the time and pick a timezone – no more logging in to the NetEqualizer terminal! (enough said)

#4) See Everything in the Units you Choose

You can now choose your units for almost the entire interface!  No longer will you have to convert your trunk up and trunk down when setting those up for Equalizing.  You will now see them in the configuration units that you choose (Mbps, Kbps, Bps).  And you can select different units for graphs and configuration, if you prefer.   


Check back next month to get your copy of Release 8.4! 

As with all software releases, the 8.4 Release will be free to all customers with valid NetEqualizer Software and Support (NSS).

Renew your NetEqualizer Knowledge with a Tech Refresh

If you have not already scheduled a Tech Refresh, consider it!

Our FREE* Tech Refresh sessions (*with valid NSS) are conducted via webex, so you do not even have to leave your office to renew your NetEqualizer knowledge!Please take advantage of this offering, especially if you have new staff, are upgrading to a new release, or would like to learn more about our new features.  We receive glowing feedback on these sessions – they are only 30 minutes to one (1) hour and are worth the time!

These sessions can ensure that you and your team get the most out of your NetEqualizer!

Here are just a few of the benefits:
  • Learn about new releases – We are constantly evolving and enhancing our product. Tech Refreshes can help quickly get you up-to-speed on what is new!
  • Learn about features you are not using (yet) – Maybe you would like to use DDoS or RTR but need to better understand how they work. You can use this time to get acquainted with all the NetEqualizer has to offer.
  • Quickly educate a new employee – Our Tech Refreshes make training a new staff member on NetEqualizer a breeze!
  • Ask questions and review your configuration – Use this time to make sure that your unit is optimally configured, and ask any NetEqualizer questions that you have been curious about.
Schedule your Tech Refresh today by clicking the link below!
Tech Refreshes are free to all customers with valid NetEqualizer Software and Support (NSS).  We also offer full-day Onsite Training for you and your team, contact us for availability and pricing.
Tech Refresh button
Learn about the NetEqualizer at ASCUE  June 12-16

Join Young Harris College at ASCUE! 

Learn how they use the NetEqualizer to solve network congestion

It is almost here!  If you work in higher education, join your colleagues at ASCUE this spring, June 12-16th in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  And if you have ever wanted to learn more about how the NetEqualizer is used in higher education to resolve network congestion, you can hear all about it at ASCUE!

One of our long-time customers, Hollis Townsend, Director of Technology Support and Operations at Young Harris College, will be talking about his experience with the NetEqualizer in his talk at ASCUE.  Hollis’ presentation is titled “Shaping Bandwidth – Learning to Love Netflix on Campus“.

Young Harris has been using NetEqualizer to solve their network congestion issues since July, 2007. They have upgraded their NetEQ as their network has grown over the years, and currently run an NE3000 with a 1Gbps license.
We are also happy to announce that APconnections, home of the NetEqualizer, will be a Silver Sponsor at the ASCUE Conference. We will be giving away a great door prize – a Fitbit fitness watch!
It is not too late to register.  Visit the ASCUE website for details!

ASCUE is the Association Supporting Computer Users in Education and they have been around since 1968. Members hail from all over North America. ASCUE’s mission is to provide opportunities for resource-sharing, networking, and collaboration within an environment that fosters creativity and innovation in the use of technology within higher education.

Best Of Blog

Seven Must Know Network Troubleshooting Tips

By Art Reisman – CTO
Editor’s Note: This article contains some great tips to troubleshoot your network. While our network administrators already know this, others may not.  We hope this helps you the next time you are staring at a “loading…” message, and wondering what is going on!  
To get started you’ll need to get a hold of two key software tools: 1) Ping Tool and 2) a Network Scan Tool, both which I describe in more detail below.  And for advanced analysis (experts only), I will then show you how you can use a bandwidth shaper/sniffer if needed.

Ping Tool

Ping is a great tool to determine what your network responsiveness is (in milliseconds), identified by trying to get a response from a typical website. If you do not already know how to use Ping on your device there are hundreds of references to Ping and how to use it.  Simply google “how to use ping ” on your favorite device or computer to learn how to use it.
For example, I found these instructions for my MAC; and there are similar instructions for Windows, iPhone, Linux, Android, etc.
  1. Open Network Utility (located inside Applications > Utilities).
  2. Click Ping.
  3. Fill out the “Enter the network that you want to ping” field. You can enter the IP address or a web URL. For example, enter to test the ping with that website.
  4. Click Ping.

Network Scan Tool

There are a variety of network SCAN tools/apps available for just about any consumer device or computer.  The decent ones will cost a few dollars, but I have never regretted purchasing one.  I use mine often for very common home and business network issues as I will detail in the tips below. Be sure and use the term “network scan tool” when searching, so you do not get confusing results about unrelated document scanning tools.
Once you get your scan tool installed, test it out by selecting Network Scan. Here is the output from my MAC scan tool.  I will be referencing this output later in the article.

Photo Of The Month

Cross That River

I had no idea that there were still Ferry Crossings along the Mississippi River. I took this photo in April, 2016 while traveling through the area.  Those trees in the background are in Kentucky, and I am standing in Missouri.

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