Virtual Internet Presence in The Netherlands, Thwarts TV Blackout

By Anonymous Guest

A few months ago I got rid of my Cable TV.  Other than a few sports networks, I never watched the other 507 channels.  Once free from that expensive local bundle, I  subscribed directly to for 1 year for about $100 a year, less than one months cable bill. It turned out there was one small hitch in my plan. Whenever I tried to watch my local Rockies , it is blacked out on the service in deference to their contractual obligations with their other distributor. ( my old cable company).  It seems the is smart enough to know where you are watching from based on your IP address.

Through the magic of the Internet , I now watch all my baseball games from the Netherlands, or Australia whatever Country sounds interesting. As I write my post, I am physically  in Colorado, but my virtual on-line presence for all purposes emanates from the Netherlands .  For example I went to check my local Colorado weather on weather Underground   just now, and these EU advertisements came up in the side bar. This one is from the UK but often they are in Dutch or German.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 3.42.25 AM.png



Changing my virtual locations was easy, and it took about 5 minutes. First I signed up with the VPN application, IPvanish. When I fire up IPvanish it prompts me to pick a country. There are hundreds of options, next time I am going to Australia. It even shows me my connection speed.  Once IP vanish is up and running , I change my DNS server to a third-party, away from the Comcast Default. I use google’s server. Otherwise MLB still thinks I am back in Colorado.  Lastly I clear my browsing history, and then I am set to go for tonight’s game without the black out restriction.

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