Top Ten Article Teasers for May 2016

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By Art Reisman

I was wound up and ready to write an interesting blog article today.  Problem was , I had a serious issue getting started.  I spent an hour or so with so many angles and things on my mind, that I just could not narrow it down and get started.  Then I had an out of the box idea.   I decided  to use my freedom as one of the Editors of this blog to make my article the list of headlines and associated teasers of all the article ideas in my head.  Who does that ?

Sorry if any of these leave you hanging.

Why do so many companies take technology advice from Gartner ? If their information was really that good, they would not need to be selling it.

The TSA is now talking about 3 hour lines at airports this summer. My instinct tells me this organization has realized a new-found political power. They control the airports and you must pay up if you want to fly.

Deep packet inspection. Is it dead ? A simple VPN tunnel renders it useless.

A competitor of ours, ETINC, has a really great explanation on why DPI does not work when trying to eliminate P2P . The case against Deep Packet Inspection.

Umpires and IT people nobody really likes them.

Do you hire two plumbers when one is sufficient to fix your sink ? No of course not . Your employer is no different they don’t want you on their pay-roll.

Mega Mansions and Bandwidth how much do we really need? I am expecting a tiny bandwidth movement where millennials compete on how small their bandwidth foot print is.

Does anybody pay for good content anymore ? I stopped reading Back Packer Magazine when their content every month became a list of product reviews .

How many people are moving to Colorado because weed is legal ?

The Home PC will be completely dead in 10 years.  Replaced by the PC in  Virtual Cloud.



Let us know if you want any of these expanded on for next week.




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