Is Barack Obama going to turn the tide toward Net Neutrality ?

NetWork World of Canada discusses some interesting scenarios about possible policy changes with the new adminstration.

In the article the author (Howard Solomon) specifically sites Obama’s leaning…

Meanwhile, the new President favours net neutrality, the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) shouldn’t interfere with content traveling online, which could hurt Sandvine, a builder of deep packet inspection appliances for ISPs. At least one Senator is expected to introduce limiting legislation this month.

Will this help NetEqualizer sales and our support for behavior-based Net Neutral policy shaping?

According to Eli Riles vice president of sales at APconnections, “I don’t think it will change things much, we are already seeing steady growth, and I don’t expect a rush to purchase our equipment due to a government policy change. We sell mostly to Tier2 and Tier3 providers who have already generally stopped purchasing Layer 7 solutions mostly due to the higher cost and less so due to moral high ground or government mandate.”

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Stay tuned…

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