NetEqualizer Coming Attractions and Features

You heard it here first. Here is some of what is eminent in our pipeline. Due out in April 2009!

High end system improvements — The NE3000 – 1 gig  is currently undergoing load testing to validate 20,000 subscribers. For tier-2 ISPs and larger institutions, this is a welcome addition. There is nothing out there with this performance level that touches us on price. We have recently taken orders for several small national ISPs  in the Caribbean that  arelooking to cut their costs without sacrificing quality.

Top speed of these new high-end systems is 900 megabits up and 900 megabits down at the same time for a total of 1.8 megabits sustained.

More intelligence to effectively reign in rogue applications and P2P — Working with a couple of our large university customers, we have come up with some improvements to our behavior-based techniques used to battle P2P (without compromising privacy).  We now have a connection-limit feature that allows you to set a fixed connection limit for all IP’s on a particular subnet. We also have a smart script that will seek out your highest connection customers and set more stringent rate limits on them.

Faster start up time — For those users implementing pools, you are likely aware that it takes a few minutes for the NetEqualizer to fully come in on line. In our next release, we have reduced this time from minutes to seconds.

For more details on these features, please feel free to contact us.

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