What is the FCC’s position on Net Neutrality?

More snippets on the Net Neutrality debate.

In an article from Wired today there are some interesting comments about the Fed’s position Net Neutrality

the FCC’s loose and little-enforced four principles (.pdf) should be the rules attached to the so-called Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. Those guidelines date to 2005 and state that consumers are entitled to surf where they like, have a choice of ISPs, and use whatever devices and applications they like.

Then the article goes on to detail a few other requirements for good measure:

For enforcement and research needs, the carriers have to be forced to turn over detailed information about their networks, such as where they interconnect, what traffic shaping techniques are used and how often they fail, according to telecom watcher Kevin Werbach and internet researcher kc claffy.

Personally I was kind of miffed to learn the FCC has an official guideline , and I even more miffed that it is seldom enforced.
Next up we will address the debate on if using deep packet inspection in a  spam filter is the same as opening private mail.

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