NetEqualizer Software Update Improves VLAN Shaping, NTOP

Editor’s Note: The following blog entry explains the newest NetEqualizer features available with our most recent software update. While minor bug fixes are often included in these updates, they will not always be detailed.

We recently released our newest NetEqualizer software update, further improving on our existing technology. The following fixes have been implemented from the the previous 2.43k version to the latest 3.32a.

  1. Upgraded internal disk memory caching. This feature remedied an issue with NTOP that was causing disk corruptions on the CF drive.
  2. Subnet masking was modified such that masked traffic will not count against your license level. Prior to this change, a customer with a 10-meg license who ran 100 meg local transfers across their NetEqualizer would experience a license violation. You can now mask that traffic (make it invisible to the NetEqualizer and hence not violate your license).
  3. A bug fix was put in for customers who run asymmetric pools. Bandwidth pools with different upload and download speeds were not working correctly prior to this fix.
  4. VLAN shaping fix. There was an issue on cold restarts.
  5. Support for multi-core CPU
  6. More efficient connection limit processing

This software update is available without charge for NetEqualizer customers with a current NetEqualizer Software Subscription (NSS). For more information on this update, or the NSS, contact us at

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