APconnections Marks a New Milestone: Six Years Operating a Virtual Company

Duty Calls

Duty Calls

Since 2003, APconnections has utilized innovative technology to stay in near constant contact with our customers, offering unmatched service and accessibility. Through the use of the latest mobile communications advances, we’ve worked to surpass the efficiency and effectiveness of the traditional workplace, benefiting both our customers and staff members alike.

Since we’ve always been dedicated to bringing the latest technological benefits to our customers, be it through our own products or in how we might better serve those who use them, building our company around the concept of a virtual workplace made perfect sense. In the end, it provides for greater accessibility and increased freedom at the same time. We can essentially work from anywhere.

In addition to the customer service benefits, the virtual nature of APconnections has been central to maintaining the competitive prices of our products. Removing the middlemen that have typically been necessary for holding organizations together significantly reduces operating costs, which equates to savings that are passed on to our customers. Furthermore, this also assures that our existing and future customers work only with staff possessing unparalleled expertise in APconnections’ technology. This is both a matter of trust and efficiency.  We find that it’s very comforting and appealing for customers to know that if and when they call or e-mail, they’ll be working directly with someone who understands our technology better than anyone else.

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