Tech Tips, a script to block URLs with your NetEqualizer

# The following script can be used with your NetEqualizer to block a set of URL’s of your choosing

# save the script below into a file in the /art directory , we named ours

# then create a file with URL’s  you wish to block,one per line in the same directory as this perl script

# you’ll need a NetEqualizer version 4.0 or higher


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

$| = 1;

if(scalar(@ARGV) < 1){
print “Usage: $0 <file name with urls to block> \n”;
exit 1;

open (SPECIAL, “< $ARGV[0]”) || die “openning  url file in block stuff problem”;

while ($line=<SPECIAL> )
print ” blocking $line \n”;

$search_phrase = $line;

if ( -e “/usr/bin/nslookup”)
print ” calling  nslookup for $search_phrase \n”;
$data=`/usr/bin/nslookup $search_phrase`;
open (LOGF, “>> /tmp/arblog”) || die “opening log file “;
# uses same log file as NetEq process not sure if this a good idea ?
print “$data data \n”;
@foo= split(/[\s#]+/, $data);
while ( $counter  < @foo)
$counter= $counter+1;
if ( exists $foo[$counter] ) {
if ($foo[$counter] =~ /(\d+)(\.\d+){3}/)
print ” $foo[$counter] is an IP \n”;
# ADD_CONFIG CONNECTION x.x.x.x/y val porti direction optional_commenta
system (“/art/ADD_CONFIG CONNECTION $foo[$counter]/32 1 0  1 $line “);
print LOGF “putting block on site $search_phrase IP $foo[$counter] \n”;
print LOGF “problem with version of NS lookup could not find valid IP for $search_phrase \n”;
{ print “need nslookup utility to run this command part of dnslib package debian\n”;
exit 1;
# While there’s a URL in our queue which we haven’t looked at …

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