NetEqualizer Superhero Animation Helps to Redefine the World of WAN Optimization

Lafayette, CO, February 2, 2010 — APconnections, a leading supplier of plug-and-play bandwidth shaping products and the creator of the NetEqualizer, today announced their new animation available for online viewing.

 Eli Riles, a consulting partner at APconnections, summed it up this way:

“Over the years, we’ve had several clients ask us for an easy way to explain how the NetEqualizer works. Well, our newest NetEqualizer video may be our best response yet. With the help of People Productions of Boulder, we’ve captured the NetEqualizer’s Network Optimization effectiveness in two new videos — one straight to the point and the other a little more detailed.

“So, if you’re looking for an easy way to explain exactly what you’re doing to make your network run smoothly, or are just in need of an overview of how the NetEqualizer works, take a look.”

To view the video: NetEqualizer Superhero Video

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