NetEqualizer February Newsletter

February 2010 NetEqualizer News
Enjoy another issue of the NetEqualizer Newsletter. This month, we introduce our new animated NetEqualizer video, detailing step-by-step how the technology works. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer or AirEqualizer news.

In this issue:

  • NetEqualizer Technology Explained…In Animation
  • Best Of The Blog
  • Bug Report
  • NetEqualizer: The Animation Process
NetEqualizer Technology Explained…In Animation
NetEqualizer Superhero Video

Over the years, we’ve had several clients ask us for an easy way to explain how the NetEqualizer works. Well, our newest NetEqualizer video may be our best response yet. With the help of People Productions (see below), we’ve captured the NetEqualizer’s approach and effectiveness in two new videos — one straight to the point and the other a little more detailed.
So, if you’re looking for an easy way to explain exactly what you’re doing to make your network run smoothly, or are just in need of an overview how the NetEqualizer works, take a look.

Quick 45-second Clip

Best Of The Blog
What Is Burstable Bandwidth? Five Points to Consider

Internet providers continually use clever marketing analogies to tout their burstable high-speed Internet connections. One of my favorites is the comparison to an automobile with overdrive that at the touch of button can burn up the road. At first, the analogies seem valid, but there are usually some basic pitfalls and unresolved issues. Below are five points that are designed to make you ponder just what you’re getting with your burstable Internet connection, and may ultimately call some of these analogies, and burstable Internet speeds altogether, into question.
Bug Report
Notice to users of version 4.0 and higher released this December…
We have found a problem with the Subnet Mask feature used with connection limits. If you restart your system, the defined Subnet Masks are ignored on the restart. We have a patch that can be installed without disruption of service. Contact us via e-mail at for details.
NetEqualizer: The Animation Process
People Productions

The following is a write-up from People Productions, the company behind our new NetEqualizer video, detailing the video’s production process.
So, the folks at NetEqualizer gave me a buzz and one month later we have the NetEqualizer super hero. Here is the tale of how she came to life.
We’ve been around for 25 years making tons of videos for trade shows, training videos, promo videos, and a decade ago we started creative web applications and custom iPhone apps, integrating all these different media types and getting them working together. Art Reisman from APconnections called me up and pitched his concept — a metaphorical and visual method to get the simple concept of how NetEqualizer works. NetEqualizer “just works” in simple methods to get it so the bandwidth hogs play fairly with everyone else on the network. After a meeting of the minds, we wrote the script. This is the skeleton that inspires all the visuals. Once we had gotten every last “i” dotted, we recorded the voice over. We have an associate who does great voices, from famous impersonations to the old-time film reel/super hero voice you hear in the video.
Now that the audio bed is complete, we are able to move onto the visuals. We created storyboards that have just a few of the key scenes in the video, close-ups of the cars, our heroine standing proud, and get those over to Art to approve. After a few minor tweaks, we start animating. This 3D stuff requires some heavy-duty gear so we got the graphics guy, Mike, the best computer in the company and many hours of render time.
Once we get the video edited together with the audio, we added in the sound effects of the cars and the music. Add some polishing touches and we are done! 
Contact Information

phone: 303-997-1300
APconnections Partners AiBridgesCamada 7Candela TechnologiesDoubleRadiusExtensive NetworksFISPAGrupo Imaginación CibernéticaTelefonía Pública y Privada S.A.Tranzeo Wireless Technologies

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