NetEqualizer News: March 2010

March 2010 NetEqualizer News

NetEqualizer News – IPv6 and the NetEqualizer and the Next NetEqualizer Release
Enjoy another issue of the NetEqualizer Newsletter. This month, we discuss NetEqualizer’s compatibility with IPv6 and our newest NetEqualizer release. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer or AirEqualizer news.

In this issue:

  • IPv6 And The NetEqualizer
  • Cool New NetEqualizer Tool Alert
  • What To Do About YouTube?
  • NetEqualizer Advanced Tips & Tricks 
  IPv6 And The NetEqualizer
A couple of weeks ago, a customer called and mentioned that they were being forced to purchase new equipment from a competitor of ours, as their equipment is not firmware upgradeable to IPv6. I am guessing that other vendor is hoping for one of those “y2k windfalls”, where they have a captive audience with no choice but to purchase expensive upgrades.
For those of you who currently own or are thinking of purchasing a NetEqualizer product, please do not think you will lose your investment when you go to IPv6. When you are ready for IPv6 in 2010, the NetEqualizer will be too! We are happy to inform you that we have tested our IPv6 patch and expect clear sailing for all customers to upgrade to this when the time comes.
All that will be required to apply this patch is that you are current on NSS (yearly software upgrade & support). If you are not sure if you are current on NSS, please email us at with your serial number, and we will check for you.
We plan to release our IPv6 patch in Q2 2010. We will also roll it into a Release in Fall 2010. We will update you via this Newsletter when the IPv6 patch is available.
For more information on why you might care about IPv6, Wikipedia has a good reference article on the subject at
  ***Cool New NetEqualizer Tool Alert***
    New API planned for Release in Fall 2010 to control User Quotas and more!

In our Latest Release (4.2.x), we have removed our User Limit Utility from the NetEqualizer Main Menu Page. Please note: for those of you that depend on it, we will continue to support our User Limit/ Quota Utility that was developed 5 years ago.
We have done this because we have thought of a better way to offer this feature to you. Rather than us trying to guess at everything you might need, we are going to let you create Custom IP Quota Actions & Reports that work for you.
As a teaser to this upcoming release, we have listed proposed templates (program calls for the upcoming API) below:
start_capture(IP) Will begin collection data on an individual IP. Data will include bytes downloaded and bytes uploaded. After calling this routine you will be able to get instant updates of data consumed by that IP.
status_ip(IP) Will return a current readout of data downloaded and uploaded on the specified IP, since the issue of the start_capture command.
reset_ip(IP) Will reset all counters for upload and download.
stop_capture(IP) Will stop data counters on this IP until the next start_capture is issued.
time_of_capture(IP) Will return the time of the last start_capture command.
With this API it will now be possible for you to write your own utilities to check bandwidth usage by user and also to take action when quotas are reached. It will allow you to easily customize a user-friendly statistics page for your customers to preview, much like checking your phone minutes from a web site or mobile phone.
We are also considering ways to enable you to share your custom utilities with other NetEqualizer users. At a minimum, we will do something similar to what we do today with common questions & answers in our NetEqualizer Support Archive on our blog. Look for more details in upcoming issues!
Estimated release date for the new API will be Q3 2010. If you have feature requests for this utility, please submit them to us at
  What To Do About YouTube?
We get a lot of questions about how to handle YouTube, as this has proliferated across the world as the medium to share video. Enclosed is a link to our new blog article, which explores the business cost model behind video. We think it is an interesting read for small-to-mid size ISPs, consumers, and anyone that feels frustrated with sizing a network to accommodate video.
  NetEqualizer Advanced Tips & Tricks
This month we are publishing a compilation of NetEqualizer Tips & Tricks that was put together by a long-time NetEqualizer customer (since 2006), Mario Crespo of Adeatel S.A, a wireless Internet provider in the rural zone of Ecuador, South America. Mario graciously offered to put these into one document, using some of the best of that he found in various articles and newsletters from the NetEqualizer website and NetEqualizer blog site.
Mario’s hope was to help others quickly and easily find some advanced Tips & Tricks. Thanks Mario for thinking of your fellow NetEqualizer users!
If you have something to add to this compilation, please email it to us at
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