Interview with Tommy Prozach NetEqualizer Reseller of the Quarter

April 1 2010

Tommy Prozach

The final numbers are in for first quarter 2010, and Tommy Prozach has done it again. Tommy and his consulting business moved more  NetEqualizer systems than anybody else in his age bracket.

Tommy brings a diverse background and passion to his trade. He draws from technical  background and mixes that with  a metaphysical   zen like approach to helping customers. His diverse approach to business  translates into success. Just this past week , we were fortunate enough to catch up with Tommy and learn a little bit more on his approach to life and representing NetEqualizer.

Editor: Tommy , I just read your bio and not only are you Networking Guru but I noticed you have also been very active in the Sierra Club and also in Activist activities from the 70’s , how did you stumble into Network Consulting ?

Tommy:  It all started with my work at the Antarctic research station. Connectivity of all the lab equipment for data collection was of vitally important for the resident scientists to coordinate their research data . Our network tech was supposed to take  a short leave   days to visit his wife , and  as nature would have it a storm broke out socking us in, he was unable to get back to base for over a month.  Our network went down  during his absence and there was nobody with formal training  to fix it. So I did what I have always done, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. With the endless Antarctic winter night there were no distractions. I learned everything I could about networking, Routers, Firewalls QOS, Window, Linux, TCP/IP.  By the time the old tech was ready to come back they did not need him anymore, lazy slouch reassigned him on the spot and sent him out watch Penguins.

Editor: So how did the NetEqualizer come into play ? What got you started ?

Tommy: Well the one smart thing the old tech did was when he was ordering provisions, he picked up a NetEqualizer thinking it might come in handy. Once I had the network up and running people started complaining about their Skype calls breaking up to home. Skype was our link to our outside world ,and I soon figured out that many a large data file being sent back to the states was clobbering the link. I found the literature on the NetEq and was able to configure it in a few minutes. We were able to run all winter and keep people happy with our limited bandwidth, and I was able to relax and go back and read all the Harry Potter series without interruption.

Editor: So how did you transition from Tech to NetEqualizer Sales ?

I made quite a few contacts posting remedies for people with Network Issues that winter when I was in Antarctica.  When I returned to the states I had quite a few consulting inquiries to fix the slowness on corporate networks. I ended up hiring several techs to help out, and as a group we found that many congestion situations could be solved by inserting NetEqualizer system, and now,  here we are today installing NetEqualizer systems on a weekly basis.

Editors Note:

April Fools

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