NetEqualizer News: May 2010

May 2010 NetEqualizer News 
NetEqualizer News – $150 Voucher Offer; Online Product Demonstration Launched
Enjoy another issue of the NetEqualizer Newsletter. This month, we’re introducing our new $150-voucher offer and announcing the launch of the NetEqualizer online product demonstration. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer or AirEqualizer news.

In This Issue:     

  • Mention Us On Your Website And Earn Great Prizes And Discount Vouchers
  • New NetEqualizer Online Guided Product Demonstration Launched
  • NetEqualizer User-Quota API Taking Off
  • Best Of The Blog
  • A Special Thanks
  Mention Us On Your Website And Earn Great Prizes And Discount Vouchers
Starting this month, we’re offering all current and prospective NetEqualizer users a $150-credit toward your next NSS license.  All you have to do is send us a link to your posting on a publicly accessible website featuring a short write-up or testimonial about the NetEqualizer.
 For those of you who are not currently planning renewals, keep in mind that we’ll be releasing our formal IPv6 compatibility update this summer. Since the time when you’ll need to be IPv6 compatible is fast approaching, this voucher offer couldn’t have come at a better time.
 If the $150 voucher wasn’t enough, also being given away through random drawings are three complementary full NSS-license renewals and three $100 Amazon gift cards.
Links must be submitted by June 1, 2010 to qualify. For more information on the voucher offer, please visit our blog.
  New NetEqualizer Online Guided Product Demonstration Launched
    Online Guided Demonstration
Whether you need a quick overview of the NetEqualizer for yourself, or a simple way to share information about the technology with a colleague, our new online guided product demonstration is the place to start. In just over seven minutes, you’ll get a clear and concise picture of how the NetEqualizer works and what the NetEqualizer can do for you.  The product demonstration includes overviews of:       

    • The NetEqualizer Product Line
    • The Equalizing Process
    • NetEqualizer Set Up
    • Adding Rules
    • Reports and Graphing

To see the guided product demonstration video in full, click here.   

For our past NetEqualizer animated video, click here.

  NetEqualizer User-Quota API Taking Off
Since being introduced earlier this month, interest in the NetEqualizer User-Quota API programmer’s toolkit has quickly been picking up steam.
This new toolkit allows NetEqualizer users to generate custom configurations to better handle bandwidth quotas as well as keep their customers informed of their individual bandwidth usage.
The NetEqualizer User-Quota API programmer’s toolkit features include:
  • Tracking user data by IP and MAC address (MAC address tracking will be out in the second release)
  • Specifying quotas and bandwidth limits by IP or a subnet block
  • Monitoring real-time bandwidth utilization
  • Notification alarms when users exceed a bandwidth limit
  • Access to API programming interface
  • Allow individual customers to see monthly bandwidth consumption
In addition to providing the option to create separate bandwidth quotas for individual customers and reduce a customer’s Internet pipe when they have reached their set limit, customers themselves can be notified when a limit is reached and even have access to an interface to monitor current monthly usage.
For more information about the NetEqualizer User-Quota API programmer’s toolkit, click here.
  Best Of The Blog

Ten Things To Consider When Choosing A Bandwidth Shaper

This article is intended as an objective guide for anyone trying to narrow down their options in the bandwidth controller market. Organizations today have a plethora of product options to choose from. To further complicate your choices, not only are there specialized bandwidth controllers, you’ll also find that most firewall and router products today contain some form of bandwidth shaping and QoS features.
What follows is an all-encompassing list of questions that will help you to quickly organize your priorities with regard to choosing a bandwidth shaper.
1) What is the cost of increasing your bandwidth?
Although this question may be a bit obvious, it must be asked. We assume that anybody in the market for a bandwidth controller also has the option of increasing their bandwidth. The costs of purchasing and operating a bandwidth controller should ultimately be compared with the cost of increasing bandwidth on your network.
2) How much savings should you expect from your bandwidth controller?
  A Special Thanks
    APconnections would like to offer special thanks to the VARs, distributors and resellers who help us operate worldwide.   

If you did not see your name on this list, let us know and we’ll be sure to mention you in our next edition.

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