NetEqualizer News: June 2010

June 2010 NetEqualizer News
July NetEqualizer Update Details & IPv6 Analysis
Enjoy another issue of the NetEqualizer Newsletter. This month, we’ll introduce the newest NetEqualizer features coming this July and also discuss the upcoming IPv6 update. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer or AirEqualizer news.
In This Issue:

  • Two New NetEqualizer Features Coming Soon!
  • Do We Really Need IPv6 And When?
  • The Next NetEqualizer Seminar Is In the Works
  • Our Featured Partner Product…FrontDoorSoftware!

Two New NetEqualizer Features Coming Soon!
LCD In addition to the IPv6 compatibility update that will be coming in November, a mid-year NetEqualizer release will be available next month. The July Release will be a hot update, meaning you’ll be able to update a live system with only one reboot.
The features for the July Release include:

  1. Instant Bandwidth Tabs on the GUI – This will show you the instant bandwidth for an IP address, a VLAN or a Subnet. So, no more guessing. We will be integrating a tab on the GUI allowing you to click and see the bandwidth for any IP address on your network, POOL (subnet) or VLAN. The great thing about this feature, and what will ultimately differentiate it from standard reporting tools, is its instant nature. While most reporting tools are cumulative, if you want to know what’s happening right now, this new tool will show you.
  2. Optional LCD Screen Giving You Live Throughput Status of Your NetEqualizer (see image courtesy of Jon Myers, Alfred State College) — This add-on is great if you’re in your computer room moving wires and want to make sure you haven’t destroyed your connection. The live update shows you current throughput in and out. The cost for this optional LCD integration will be $1000 and will include the LCD screen and installation support (Must have current NSS).

So, be sure to keep your NetEqualizer Software Subscription (NSS) current.  Updating your NSS now will guarantee access to both the July and November releases.
For more information about the July or November release, contact us at

Do We Really Need IPv6 And When?

The excerpt below is from the full article published on our blog,
…My years of guiding engineering decisions in Bell Labs, and now running my own technology company, provide a good base for understanding the headwinds facing IPv6…
…My prediction is that we will not transition to IPv6 this century, and if we attempt such a change, there will be utter chaos and mayhem to the point that we will have to revert back to IPv4.
Here’s my argument:

  1. There is no central control or any certification of Internet equipment. Yes, manufacturers are self-proclaiming “readiness”, but even if they all do a relatively good and professional job of testing – even with 99 percent accuracy – on switchover day, the day everybody starts using IPV6 address space, the cumulative errors from traffic getting lost, delayed, or bounced from the one percent of equipment with problems will bring the Internet to its knees. I don’t think the world will sit around for a few weeks or even months without the Internet, while millions of pieces of routing equipment from thousands of manufacturers are retrofitted with upgrades.
The Next NetEqualizer Seminar Is In the Works
NetEq. Seminars

Plans are now in the works for our next complimentary NetEqualizer training seminar. At the moment, the leading location for the seminar is Chicago, but we’re still taking suggestions. So, if you’re interested in hosting a seminar, be sure to let us know.
This will be our first seminar since our successful technical user group at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington last January which included input from NetEqualizer users like PLU, Everett Community College, the University of Puget Sound and Northwest University.
The upcoming seminar will cover:

  • The various tradeoffs regarding how to stem P2P and bandwidth abuse
  • Recommendations for curbing RIAA requests
  • Demo of the NetEqualizer network access control module
  • Lots of customer Q&A and information sharing on how clients are using the NetEqualizer, including some hands-on probing of a live system

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be giving away great door prizes to attendees.
So, be sure not to miss this seminar!

We’ll keep you posted as the details develop and the final location is determined. For more information, or to express interest in hosting, contact us at

Our Featured Partner Product…FrontDoorSoftware!
FrontDoorSoftware: Prevent, Protect, Recover…Peace of Mind FrontDoor

Many of our customers, especially universities and IT organizations with help desk support (educational discounts are available), offer FrontDoorSoftware to their end users. It has some amazing features, including several security tools that will help prevent theft and locate a computer if it’s ever lost or stolen.
FrontDoorSoftware inserts a virtual security ownership label that appears as soon as anyone turns on a protected computer, essentially helping you to “Lock Your Laptop’s Front Door”. This feature works to (1) prevent theft of protected equipment, (2) protect valuable information, and (3) recover lost and stolen equipment. The unique design help makes it virtually impossible for a thief to resell, or even use, a protected computer, increasing chances of recovery from just three percent to 97 percent.
Owners of a lost or stolen computer can:

  1. Blast an on-screen ‘Stolen Computer’ message that appears on boot-up
  2. Send a lockdown code to prevent use even after the computer is lost or stolen
  3. Remotely update recovery information
  4. Turn on the laptop talking feature which triggers an audible and customizable message (like “Stolen Computer!”) on boot-up
  5. Send a customized text message that will appear on boot-up
  6. Track the computer using Google maps

For more information, visit

Contact Information

phone: 303-997-1300

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