NetEqualizer News: July 2010

July 2010 NetEqualizer News

New NetEqualizer Features Released; Flyaway Contest Winner Announced

Enjoy another issue of the NetEqualizer Newsletter. This month, we introduce NetEqualizer version 4.7 and announce the most recent Flyaway Contest winner. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer or AirEqualizer news.

In This Issue:

  • NetEqualizer Version 4.7 Released
  • NetEqualizer… Made in America
  • NetEqualizer’s Presence in the UK and Ireland Growing
  • Best of the Blog
  • And the Flyaway Contest Winner Is…

NetEqualizer Version 4.7 Released

We’re pleased to announce that version 4.7 of the NetEqualizer is now available. This latest release will include several exciting new features, including bursting capabilities and instant bandwidth reporting.   With the new bursting feature, you can now set up a rate limit on a particular customer’s IP, which will allow you to define:

  • How long a customer’s burst will last
  • How long a customer must wait between bursts
  • How much additional bandwidth a customer will get during their burst

Furthermore, with our new instant bandwidth reporting, you can actually measure a customer’s current bandwidth utilization by IP, VLAN or Subnet, allowing you to actually see the burst in action. This instant bandwidth reporting feature is an industry first.

Finally, we’ve also added advanced tuning capabilities for better accuracy on large pools and VLANs.

This release will be available at no additional charge to customers with current NetEqualizer Software Subscriptions (NSS). For more information, contact us at or 1-800-918-2763.

NetEqualizer…Made In America
NetEqualizerDid you know that NetEqualizer is made in America? Since switching to ASA Computers for our semi-custom manufactured servers in 2005, NetEqualizer has been completely U.S.-based and manufactured.
ASA, who provides full solutions including ‘ISP packages’, servers for ‘.com’ companies, computing environments for schools and research organizations, RAID and NAS set-ups, network installation, help-desk support, and much more, also makes equipment for the likes of Cisco, Microsoft and many Fortune 500 companies.
NetEqualizer’s Presence In The UK And Ireland Growing
Over the next several months, you’re likely going to see various announcements regarding our NetEqualizer partnerships and users in the UK and Ireland.
Why are we doing this? Because the EU is currently blanketed with overpriced bandwidth shaping options. As the leader in the United States when it comes to low-cost quality bandwidth control, it only makes sense for us to further extend our product availability in the UK and Ireland. Our existing customers in the area love the NetEqualizer line and have been encouraging us to increase our presence for some time.
On that note, stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Technical Seminar in Dublin this September that will be co-sponsored by Ireland’s Ai Bridges. We’ll make an announcement with the final details on the date, time and location next month.
For more information, see our latest press release on NetEqualizer’s availability in the UK and Ireland and our partnership with Ai Bridges.
Best Of The Blog
White Paper: A Simple Guide to Network Capacity Planning
After many years of consulting and supporting the networking world with WAN optimization devices, we have sensed a lingering fear among Network Administrators who wonder if their capacity is within the normal range.
So, the question remains: How much bandwidth can you survive with before you impact morale or productivity?
The formal term we use to describe the number of users sharing a network link to the Internet is contention ratio. This term is defined as the size of an Internet trunk divided by the number of users. We normally think of Internet trunks in units of megabits. For example, 10 users sharing a one megabit trunk would have a 10-to- 1 contention ratio. If sharing the bandwidth on the trunk equally and simultaneously, each user could sustain a constant feed of 100kbs, which is exactly 1/10 of the overall bandwidth.
So what is an acceptable contention ratio?
And The Flyaway Contest Winner Is…
Every few months, we have a drawing to give away two roundtrip domestic airline tickets from Frontier Airlines to one lucky person who’s recently tried out our online NetEqualizer demo.

The time has come to announce this round’s winner.
And the winner is…Javier Toro from Hablando Todos.
Congratulations, Javier! Please contact us within 30 days at or 303-997-1300 to claim your prize.
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phone: 303-997-1300
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